Do these "same-old, same-olds" look familiar to you??

"Patches, and Pills, and Gums...Oh My!"

Most of my clients have tried some or all of these methods with little to no success.  You too??

                  Method                   Avg. Success

    • Will Power                          3%
    • Nicotine Gums                12%
    • Nicotine Patches            16%
    • Pills (medications)         18%
    • Acupuncture                   28%
    • Traditional Hypnosis     30%  
    • Ken's Method                 90-95% 

Most of these methods do not have even a placebo success rate!  Yet we continue to spend Billions of dollars for them because people don't know a better way.
...but you are about to see one.

"I think we've been down this road before, Dorothy!"

Are you the analytical type?

Read the stats below to your heart's content. (just ensure you find your way back out!)

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