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"Our local Mission is to help save over 10,000 Bay Area lives, while increasing
the happiness, well-being, and quality of life, of all those we touch."

                                         Kenneth Guzzo, CHt. Founder 

We make it so Easy!
Ken is now seeing clients in TWO Locations!

Bay Area: old address 1101 Marina Village Parkway, Suite 201, Alameda, CA. 94501
New Address: 1255 Treat Blvd. Suite 300, Walnut Creek, 94597

Sacramento: 180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA. 95834

Phone: 800.635.8150 | Fax: 888.760.2205 | Email: savinglives@NonSmokingCenter.com

Integrity, leadership & communication lecture
Ken Guzzo, Panama City, Panama

the new Sacramento office,
180 Promenade Circle, Suite 300

Calistoga Room
for couples

Every one of these packets represents a saved life!
I saved a special spot on top for yours.

About Ken Guzzo, CHI.

Ken Guzzo is a member of the Board of Advisors to the International Hypnosis Federation, a certified hypnosis instructor, founder of the North American Academy of Hypnosis, and the recipient of the 2013 IHF Award of Excellence for his work in Health Care.

Ken is passionate about helping people step into their power, and into their joy. He uses insight and humor to shine light on hidden truths, and to help eliminate constructed barriers that can obscure the paths of our evolution.

Founder of the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center, Ken has helped nearly 8,000 people become completely smoke-free in a one session treatment, combining advanced hypnosis techniques with a cutting edge neurological process. Once people free themselves from such limiting blocks or addictions, Ken finds that many are eager to consciously address the rest of their lives, and the Miruspoint Prime-Potential process is a perfect fit.

Since 1989 organizations and individuals around the globe have experienced Ken’s powerful, rapid and effortless transformational work, including: Fletcher Challenge (Australia/New Zealand), Bell Canada (Ontario), Ricoh USA (California), NSA (Munich, Germany), GSB Business Products (California), and Vancouver Trade & Convention Center, (British Columbia). As an international speaker, Ken has shared the stage with world class authors and lecturers such as Mark Victor Hanson (Chicken Soup for the Soul series).
                         Named member of the Board of Advisors to  
                         the International Hypnosis Federation

                         Founder of The
                         California Academy of Hypnosis &
                         American Academy of Hypnosis (2012)

                         Certified Hypnosis Instructor
Miruspoint Facilitator                                               Smoking Cessation Specialist

                         Certified Hypnotherapist
                         Medical & Dental Hypnosis Specialist
                         Certified NLP Practitioner 
                         International Speaker and Trainer 

Creator of the Personal Break-through Workshop

member in good standing of:
(IHF) International Hypnosis Federation
(NGH) National Guild of Hypnotists
(MPF) Miruspoint Facilitators


(A+) rating with the Better Business Bureau

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Hear Ken describe his latest breakthroughs in smoking cessation on Dr. LeNoir's radio show "About Health" on KPFA 94.1fm   Click Here