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Avoid suffering through fad diets that don't work.

Avoid gut wrenching cravings that drive you to eat.

Avoid the huge costs of painful and invasive gastric surgery.

What is the Hypno-Gastric Band Process?

We have developed a powerful multi-pronged approach to eliminate excess pounds and the cravings for unhealthy foods, without struggle, cravings, or feeling deprived.

1) Using the most advanced Hypnosis techniques, we will reset your psychological set point, like a thermostat, to your healthy target weight.  You will be living, eating, exercising as though you were already at the target weight, while your body effortlessly follows you there.

2) We will also hypnotically  install a gastric band around your stomach.  Once you have eaten food about the size of a tennis ball, your mind will send the signal that you are full and cannot eat any more.
                                           (No Surgery Required!)

3) Simultaneously we will bring your neurological system back into healthy balance.  Your system wants you to be the weight you are right now.  You may want to "lose weight," but your
neurological system holds this weight like a powerful magnet.  Our cutting edge process will correct, reverse, and clear all system problems that have previously blocked your healthy weight release.  Your body will begin releasing the unwanted pounds. 

4) We will help you to integrate a balanced nutritional lifestyle, with enjoyable body movement and muscle toning.  As your stored pounds easily convert to energy, you'll enjoy moving your body more and more.

5) The final touch; we hypnotically access the part of your mind where your personal food preferences or "cravings" are stored.  We decrease cravings for the unhealthy food that, in the past, has been the most difficult to resist.  We increase cravings for nutritious food of your choice.

As the numbers on the scale finally match the goal in your mind, this does not indicate mission accomplished, and the end of a program.  Instead it is a new beginning. A congruent meeting of your mind and body at a point of truth.  A celebration of fully integrating the authentic you.  You will effortlessly maintain that which has felt natural and right the whole way here.

It's not magic.
It is an advanced hypnotic and neurological science.
Sounds Great!
Now, what do I get?  And how much??


effortlessly transforming into your ideal body without "dieting or sacrifice."

Imagine automatically eating and exercising in perfect alignment with a person already at your target weight, while your body easily and naturally follows you down to your target.

Imagine savoring every bite of your food with more pleasure and gratitude than ever before.

Imagine toning your body with simple, low impact exercises that bring your energies back into balance.

Imagine, rather than struggling through another temporary weight-loss program, you were renewed with a heightened mental, emotional, and visceral consciousness of your own body and health.

Imagine a permanent lifestyle change where health, energy, and vitality were more fun and pleasurable than overeating, and being overweight.

Can you see it in your mind?
Then call us, and bring it into reality!