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Success Beyond Beliefs
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Lynn Sumida, MSW RSW

Ken Guzzo, CHt CHI

Cherie Johnson

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Come join us for a weekend filled with magic, discoveries, and transformation."

"See you there!"

Jump-start your own evolution.

Clear from your nervous system the fear, anxiety, and hidden emotional triggers
that keep you from performing at your highest potential each and every day.

Fully understand and embody the amazing contrast in yourself as you shift your
internal programming from "doing to being," and from "thinking to knowing."
Awaken to invigorating cellular level change, and rediscover what it is to live
and perform effortlessly from a place of piece, calm, and joy.

Only $595!
Alumni return for $100 (with a referred participant)

Q&A Call
 with Lynn Sumida, Ken Guzzo, and Cherie Johnson
(15 minutes)


This powerful workshop has emerged from the ground-breaking technology of the one-on-one process, Prime Potential (R). We are excited to offer this in a group format allowing many more people to participate at a fraction of the cost.

Now immerse yourself in this weekend format for $595 only $395*
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Success Beyond Beliefs
Transformational Clearing workshop
is coming to

Pleasant Hill
Hyatt House
November 7-9, 2014
Save $100! Early-Bird pricing until Sept 14, 2014

Regular price is $595. $100 discount for early registration. Bring a friend!
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Download the PDF Poster


Video Q&A with Lynn Sumida

“This course goes beyond ‘The Secret’ – it gave me the tools (and understanding)
of how to reprogram my destructive thoughts and actions”

What Will I Gain from Attending?

  • Uncover what your brain does with fear, and how unconscious fear sabotages “success” in our careers, relationships, and health.
  • Bust the myth of working harder, longer, or even smarter
  • Delve below the level of beliefs to the true foundation of your success
  • Directly access your power and your passion
  • Rediscover the ability to create life as you truly want!

 It is a powerful road map that showed me the way forward into a more fun,
fulfilling future for me and for others in my life”

“If you’re tired of doing ‘okay’ and settling for ‘pretty good’ this program will help you
shed the fear & excess baggage to get you to feeling fabulous and obtaining greatness”

Who is this workshop for?

  •  Anyone who feels caught in a cycle of negative emotions, and wants to experience greater freedom.
  • Anyone who feels they are somehow sabotaging their own progress or success. Sabotage is just another way of saying “putting on the brakes.” Your system is actually afraid of you being successful, whether it feels like that or not.
  • People who know they have more potential than they are somehow expressing, and they are tired of moving ahead so slowly.
  • People that are working with a coach/consultant and who want to get the greatest benefit from that synergistic process. Clearing away the roadblocks in your system will optimize your success.

      “[This workshop] allowed me to learn so much about myself and all the fear I live with.
The biggest realization for me was learning that I project all this fear onto my children.
I am so grateful for Lynn and her team - this workshop was the light
at the end of the tunnel for me”

“This is the best money I’ve ever spent!”

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