Thank you for supporting our local mission to save lives!
Love, Health, & Happiness are Priceless!

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Thank you Bay Area Non-Smoking Center Clients!!

We can't thank you enough for your ongoing partnership to help transform lives. 

Your referrals are the life-blood of our mission to help save 10,000 Bay Area Lives.  You make a powerful Difference.  Keep them coming!!

Referring Another Client? Contact us
Toll Free: 1.800.635.8150
My Private Line: 510.759.6407 or

We will send that fortunate person an information packet right away, and arrange a FREE 15 minute consultation to assess his or her readiness. 

Remember, we have a NO PRESSURE POLICY  We will never attempt to "Sell" your referred patient a session.  That's a promise!

                                  Kenneth N Guzzo, CHt.

4 chances to Win a Romantic Weekend in Calistoga!

This year every time you refer a friend, colleague or loved one who becomes who becomes a happy client of ours, your name will be entered into 4 quarterly draws to win.

Refer 3 people, and I'll enter your name 5 times!

The Cottage Grove Inn (my favorite weekend get away)

"Top pick." New York Times 2009

"Calistoga has no shortage of cottage accommodations, but none are better-conceived than those at the new Cottage Grove Inn. Each of the 16 storybook structures has a front porch with wicker rockers, a fireplace, TV/DVD, wet bar, and deep Jacuzzi tub. Twin armchairs and bedside lights keep couples happy." Travel & Leisure

One in five Californians smoke, and 70% of them want to quit.  They have no idea that they can be completely free in one hour, with no withdrawal...unless YOU tell them!  It's as easy as recommending a good movie or restaurant, except we will actually thank you to do it!

Give the Gift of LIFE!
It will cost you nothing, and you will transform lives in ways you can't imagine.

for more details, email us at:
or call us 1.800.635.8150

 Non-Smoking Center Clients' Forum:

By 2009 over one thousand of you will have become Bay Area Non-Smokers!
Inspire Others: It feels great to be free of that deadly habit doesn't it? 

We want to know, "How are you enjoying your new found energy?" and, "How are you spending all the cigarette money you've been saving?"  New HDTV?  Tropical Vacation??  Let us know. We will post your stories.

Lifetime Guarantee:

Don't ever forget our agreement, we are here to ensure you remain a non-smoker

In the rare event that you slip up one day and reach for a cigarette, CALL US RIGHT AWAY. 

We will get you right back on track again, at NO CHARGE.

To schedule a FREE back-up session,
call my Direct Line: 510.759.6407 or

Enjoy your long and healthy life!