Meditation Timer
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Success Beyond Beliefs
Stepping in
Left click to play.
Right click to download.
select save link as.

Set your meditation time first. You can move the hand or just put in a number in the field

Then select your background music. Click on the music note and you will have a wide range of music to select from.

To change you first identify what it is you want to change and then what it is you want instead.

Click begin close your eyes and focus on what you want to happen as if it is really happening during a future event.

Practice at first for 5 minutes in the morning and then 5 minutes in the evening to start. Work up to being able to do it for 15 minutes at first then 30. Use the timer and music to help you to let go of everything and just relax. It watches the time for you and lets you know when you reached your goal.