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Q: What is a Soul Key Session?  Soul Key was developed by Martin Petersen, of Denmark.  We met in 2013, at the IHF (International Hypnosis Federation) conference where we were both attending as speakers. 

Soul Key is an advanced and powerfully structured hypnotic process that safely and comfortably facilitates people to more fully understand their life purpose, release seemingly life-long issues, and more fully benefit from the wealth of knowledge and wisdom of their higher self.  Rather than a sight-seeing experience, the journey will reveal what is most relevant to the client now in this life-time. 

My role is to assist clients into a deep and relaxing hypnotic state, and hold a safe space for them to journey with as much freedom as they choose.  Clients will describe their experiences to me out loud, in detail, as they are happening, in a way that is often verifiable, and they will understand how their session is deeply relevant to this lifetime. 

People will experience the amazing feeling of separating from their body, and traveling unencumbered to a comfortable and strangely familiar place to acclimate, and to prepare for their journey to converse with guides, travel to past lives, and experience the soul world, (the life between lives).  I will then guide them how to release that which is not serving them in this lifetime, while they absorb and integrate that which will enhance their present life experience.  Clients will receive a recording to keep.

Q: Why is it that people who do past-life work so often think they were someone famous like Cleopatra? Great question, and one I had often used to discredit this form of hypnotherapy in the past.  Since I cannot speak each individual instance, I will answer will my overall opinion.  It is my educated opinion that more often then not when this result occurs, the hypnotist did not adequately place the client into a hypnotic state.  The ego and conscious mind were along for the ride creatively imagining the session in a relaxed but still present state.  In a correctly performed session, who the client specifically was is barely relevant, because that is unlikely to help them in this lifetime.  What is relevant are the experiences, the emotions, the lessons, the trauma, the entanglements, and the inspiration that they would most benefit from releasing or strengthening in their life now.

Q: Does everyone experience a past-life in your sessions?  No.  It is not necessary in order for people to have a profound and relevant experience.  There are many other benefits to receive while in a heightened-awareness-of-self-as-soul state of being.  A person, in this super-conscious state will freely move to where they are most drawn in the moment.  The session will likely be very different than they imagine it would be, and more amazing too.

Q: Why have you added this service?
In my experience of helping thousands of people over these decades, I have come to a clearer and clearer understanding that despite the teachings of traditional psychology, we human beings are much more than the sum total of our life experiences from birth to the present moment. This work achieves so much more than shifting a behavior.  It assists people to accelerate their evolution identity, and reopen themselves to the higher purposes they have chosen for this lifetime.

Now, most people believe in some form of life after death, but fewer of us in western culture have considered the possibility of life before birth.  Could the energetic part of ourselves be much much older than the number of candles on our cake? 

I pose this question to clients: Do you have a soul?  If yes, are you a human being with an soul, or are you a soul presently in human form? With which do you most closely identify, the temporary part of you, or the eternal? 

What is it to be eternal?  After we leave our bodies, do we sit on a cloud and play the harp for a few billion years?  Is that all there is to heaven and spirit, or is it more likely to be a realm we have yet to fully comprehend?  Do we come back and physically live again?  Have we lived before? 

Or perhaps they answered "No" to my first question, and they identify solely with the body and mind.  When the meat suit wears out, it all goes black. That's it.  All this is some sort of cosmic accident.  That's okay.  Those people wish to maximize their life experience here and now, and are motivated to clear from their minds of that which holds them back.  We achieve best results while working within a context that fits the client's religious and philosophical beliefs.  A person does not need to believe in past lives to access their higher purpose in a hypnosis session, or clear away issues hidden in their blind spots.  Have you given this topic much thought at all?  I hadn't really...until...

During Prime Potential sessions, as assist clients map-out patterns in their nervous system. As I asked people to move their awareness back in time to identify the origins of their major issues, we would frequently discover, to our surprise, that the issues predated the age of 5, 4, or 3.  Some people told me the issues existed prior to conception, and even originated in previous lifetimes.  Since I did not believe in reincarnation, nor did many of these clients, we found this to be a profound curiosity as they described in detail the relevant circumstances of these other lifetimes. 

When we used my clearing process to clear the issue from that lifetime at its source, the issue amazingly resolved here in this lifetime.  How could that be?!?  No matter my clients' religious background, gender, race, or belief system, what they described in their prior-to-conception experience was consistent among them all, and the experience tremendously strengthened their connection to a greater power in a way that completely honored their distinct values and beliefs.  Another major consistency was that they felt calmer, more peaceful and loving, and had a profound sense of the eternalness of their soul and connection to all life that they often described as "beyond words." Fear and anxiety were nowhere to be found.

Q: I don't really know if I believe in past lives.  Could all this all in just people's heads?
I make no claim to know all the answers of the universe. The short answer is "YES," it could be, but I don't think so.  I would break my full answer down into 3 categories. There is empirical data (what we consciously know), there is Belief, and there is what we call faith. I honor the validity of all three with reverence, for myself, and certainly for my clients.

Here is what I know: I know that people I work with tell me they are experiencing something profound as they tap into this other awareness.  They have described their experience to me with amazing consistently.  Miraculous mental, emotional, and physical transformations have resulted.  This is what matters most to me as a facilitator of positive change.  The rest makes me curious to learn more.

Belief: I've asked myself; Are these people actually experiencing previous lifetimes?  Are they witnessing an alternate reality?  Are they connecting to a universal consciousness or Oneness, and resonating for some reason with an aspect of another person's lifetime?  Are they accessing memories of ancestors stored deep within our DNA?  Are they all just imaging stories from their creative minds? 

I believe the answer to this question is too great to be fully realized by the processor we understand as the conscious mind.  Let me put it this way.  Can humans walk on the moon?  Absolutely!  Can we physically walk to the moon?  Never.  I believe we are in the same way limited by our commitment to dwell in the conscious mind.  It is a very limited calculator shackled to our physical bodies, and this physical plain. It likes things to be "concrete," right?.  Only by evolving the abilities of the higher consciousness and super-conscience can we, as human beings, truly experience and understand what is beyond.  Taking short journeys is a great place to start.

When done correctly, I personally believe these to be the journeys of the soul.  My own experiences have been deeply moving, life altering, and played out for me in a way, that in my opinion, could not have come from my imagination.  My personal opinion or belief regarding "which is true" is relatively unimportant, even to me.  Once again, what matters is causing profound positive results with my clients, period.

And Faith: Faith for me comes when I take my mind off of the day to day world, and allow myself to imagine the highest possibilities of myself and that with which I feel most connected.  It is where imagination meets conviction, and touches on knowingness (which spell-check insists is not a word, but I have faith if I keep using it, it will be one day.)

Whatever the truths are or might be, I have faith that there is much more to our universe and our spiritual selves than we are presently aware.  I have faith that there are many pathways from where we are, to understanding or achieving enlightenment and higher consciousness. I have faith that we, on this planet, will one day realize we have much more in common with one and other than we have differences.

I have faith that there are spiritual beings at the edges of our awareness, patiently cheering for us to quiet our minds, and look up from our mundane distractions, to sense beyond our senses that which is blatantly obvious.  I have faith that just as our species one day stood upright, began to imagine, created language, invented technology, and traveled beyond our world into space, it is our evolutionary path as human beings, to pull away the inner vale and fully awaken to the magic of our eternal selves.  I have faith that from this place, as fully actualized souls in physical form, our bodies will not know disease.  We will end war, and poverty, and begin finally to explore our higher purposes for being here.  We will literally transcend the present-day issues of the world in exchange for much more interesting ones.

I don't know any of this to be true.  These are merely my inspirational musings.  I also can imagine bacon that is not fattening, but still tastes awesome.  So what do I know?

Conclusion: In my opinion, the Soul Key process is the most advanced regression process that I know of.  This is why I am so excited to offer it to you. It creates a safe, powerfully rich and familiar context that allows us to easily bridge the span between the known and unknown worlds, and maximizes the potential benefits.  Book your session today!

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