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02/16/2017 on

Wow, all I can say is Amazing!!!  I had smoked for almost 40 years and it was a terrible habit that was such a mental burden to me and the effects it had on my health were starting to surface.  I was desperate to quit but always failed.  I decided to try Hypnosis with Ken to see if it would help?  One session and I walked out the door as a non-smoker.  I didn't believe it at first, as I tried to rationally deny the possibility that it could work.  To this day I have gone 16 months as an ex-smoker.  I have not even cheated once??? Amazing!!!  I have no desire, nor have I had any since I quit.  Ken turned off that trigger to smoke during hypnosis and I feel like I never had that horrible habit.  Since this enlightenment in my life, I have sent another friend to see him and she is 3 weeks removed from smoking and it is changing her life too.  Thank you Ken for all you have done to change my life and my health.

Kevin E.
Berkeley, CA.

09/03/2016 on

It's been two years of being smoke-free and I cherish it more than anything else in my life. Ken is fabulous and this technique works. If you are still wondering if to do it, stop now and just sign up for a visit. This has saved my life.

Magdalana W.
Boulder, CO.

08/30/2016 on

Update - Still not smoking!  Three weeks now.  I've even been through the "tipsy" test.  Here's my experience:  One week ago I went in to see Ken, clutching my cigarette pack like a toddler clutches a teddy bear.  I didn't expect much.  I thought I was different than other people.  I was too addicted to cigarettes, too tough to be hypnotized out of it.  I was taking a shot but it wasn't going to work- I was pretty sure.  

Ken did his stuff.  I won't spoil the experience for those who are going to go by sharing what happens in the session.  I will say as smoker for 30 years who tried EVERYTHING to quit, you really really should go see Ken. What do you have to lose?

It is one week in and I know I have quit smoking, for good.  There is no question about it.  It is by far the easiest and most painless way I have ever tried to quit.  My saying I have quit smoking for good requires some context.  In the past I have tried to quit smoking for months and still wanted a cigarette.  The cravings and irritability lasted for months and months.  The effects of Ken's hypnosis were immediate.  While I had a few withdrawal symptoms, which is normal, every day has been easier and easier.  When something triggers me to smoke, I think "I want a cigarette" and then my brain goes through the thought of getting one and smoking it and it sounds disgusting - so no great struggle.  Without the great struggle I am not very irritable.  Irritability was one of my biggest reasons I went back to cigarettes.  

The only reason I avoided quitting smoking was because I was afraid of the pain, grumpiness discomfort and ultimate failure I had gone through over and over again.  Ken is magic. I've quit. Thanks Ken!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen H.
Oakland, CA.

08/19/2016 on

My husband Barry was given a wonderful opportunity to attend a private hypnosis class demonstration to help him quit smoking.  A good friend of ours (Elizabeth) has a good friend (Ken) that is a hypnotist.  When she saw he was coming to Vegas (he 's Canadian now living in California) and that he was looking for someone interested in quitting smoking, she thought of Barry.  Barry has smoked for 44+ years...since he was a teenager...Over the years he has tried many different ways to help him quit. pills, patches, gums..etc etc... nothing ever worked.. Hypnosis was the last thing on his list to try

At first he was a little resistant and skeptical of it.  Ultimately he was the one who had to say yes.  He finally decided to say yes and go. He was mostly afraid he was going to be put under in a room full of people and then made to bark like a dog or quack like a duck...lol. 

Thursday April 7th ...Barry went to the Tropicana Hotel for his session. He was scheduled to meet up at 6pm..at 5:30pm he called me and said he just smoked what he hoped would be his last cigarette... It was! 

Barry has not had a cigarette since then.  Right away we both started seeing a difference in his overall health.  He's not waking himself up in the night coughing or hacking anymore.  His loud thunderous snoring has stopped.  The first couple nights it was so quiet I had to get right in his face to make sure he was still breathing. 
I have been dealing with that snoring our whole marriage!  lol  With the snoring and coughing gone he is waking up feeling more rested..His sense of smell and taste have changed for the better..I haven 't heard "it needs more salt" since he quit! lol

I am thankful for him to be willing to give it a try and not just flat out saying no.  I am so proud of him for saying yes to his health finally and for making the change so that he will be here longer with his boys, our granddaughters, our fur-babies and me. 

love you Barry Michael xo ..... thank you Ken!

Kimm J.
Hendersen, NV.

07/16/2016 on

My experience with Ken has been life changing. I was referred through a friend to help my daughter who suffers from severe anxiety and trichotillomania  (pulling her hair out).

My daughter, who is 11, started pulling her eyelashes and progressed to the hair on her head three years ago. She has been in therapy for over a year and on medication for two. We have tried home remedies, fidgets, and read many books to try and help with this condition that has left her nearly bald.

As a parent, watching your child go through something like this is heartbreaking. Seeing her get bullied by those who don't understand her disorder has been devastating to our whole family. I've  cried so many times because as much as I want to help her, there is nothing I can do to fix her. 

When I heard about Ken and what he has done for others I thought it couldn't hurt, I've tried everything else, what do I have to lose? Being from Fresno, Ken called and offered his cell phone number so that we could talk on the phone first. He took his time with me, answering my questions and giving me hope that this could work.

He invited us to Sacramento to meet with him, giving us the option of leaving at any time if my daughter was not comfortable.  When we arrived in the parking lot my daughter had a small panic attack, balling up and crying. She was terrified of going in and scared about what it would be like. When we made it to the waiting room, she crawled in my lap and covered herself with her blanket.

Ken came out to greet us and after about two minutes with him she was talking and smiling. I could see the hope in her eyes. After discussing all of her issues and concerns, Ken explained to her in kid friendly terms what he was going to do. When she agreed to try hypnosis, he worked with my daughter on two back-to-back days addressing her anxiety, hair pulling and confidence. She bounced out of each hypnosis session smiling and just different. She thanked him numerous times and finally felt at peace. When we got in the elevator she began crying. When I asked her what was wrong,  she answered, "I'm crying with joy."

It has been three days since her session and she has not pulled one hair. Not one! My happy daughter is finally back. She is handling stressful situations by walking away instead of screaming, using her words in a calm manner, and is being social with others. Those who have seen her have all commented on what a change she is showing and how happy she seems.

Ken Guzzo has given my daughter a fighting chance at life. She is prepared to face any challenge and is ready to have a successful future. And best of all, her hair will begin to grow again giving her the confidence she deserves. Thank you Ken Guzzo! You have an amazing gift.

Kristen S.
Fresno, CA.
05/05/2016 on

I have had two hypnotherapy sessions with Ken. The first changed the underlying foundation of relationships I've held for decades to a stronger healthier one. My relationships with people have dramatically changed for the better since the session. I relate to others from a different view point. It's really cool.  I love it.

Another change I 've noticed since working with Ken is that I've put off procrastinating.  : -D   I have been just doing things.  One of which is going to the gym and working out which in the past I've successfully put off.  Now, I seem to be pulled to get things done. It's odd but great at the same time.

It 's interesting to find that when one thing changes, a lot of others do too.  I highly recommend Ken if you'd like to make positive changes in your life.

Tim B
Ellensburg, WA.

05/04/2016 on

Thank You Ken!

1 1 / 2 years have gone by since I have smoked a cigarette.  At least that is what Ken told me when I reached out to him a few months back to see if he does hypnosis for other issues. He keeps track.  I however, do not.  I never have.

My experience has been so effortless, it boggles my mind.  In fact, the only time I think of smoking is how amazed I am that I never really want a cigarette.  Or when I tell people about my experience and offer them Ken 's contact.

Many people simply don't believe me, or they do believe me and don't actually want to stop.  This is only if you are ready to actually end your habit with cigarettes.  I had a few smokes on the way over to his office.  I went with a positive open mind and left an hour and a half later changed.  This will work for you if you want it to.  I bet my life on it.

Gabriel Davis
Burlingame, CA.

03/16/2016 on

I finally quit the nasty habit I had for 34 years, 23 days and 3 hours!!!  I love this place.  I am now one of those people who HATE smoking and any smoke around me! They were awesome!  If you want to quit - see them.  Stop thinking you can do this alone.  YOU CANNOT.  I used to smoke 2 packs a day and 3 when I was working.  I was almost a chain smoker.  Now I am free and clear of that disgusting, nasty, awful addition that is NOT COOL.  Now I don't cough all night either.

Eric C
Sacramento, CA.

03/16/2016 on

Ken is amazing.He really knows what he is doing.  I was a smoker for years and a would smoke unfiltered cigarettes - I was hard core.  In one session, I was a believer.  I have not smoked in 8 months and the cravings have been slim to none.  He shows you a video before he hypnotizes you which explains all the lies we have been told about cigarettes including the lies we tell ourselves and why they aren't true. 

The hypnosis is real and it really works.  If you truly want to quit smoking, this is the man to go see. He also gives you free follow up sessions for life if you need it.  By the way, giving someone one review for not liking how his staff answers calls is an inappropriate use of Yelp.  I did not have any issues with that by the way.  Ken's method works and that alone is worth 5 stars.  He is also kind and approachable and makes the whole process comfortable.  He 's funny too which is great.

Jody S
Alameda, CA.

02/21/2016 on

After 20 years, I'm finally nicotine free! 

One of the first things Ken asked me is if I brought my smokes with my, when I told him no, he said we could walk to my car after the session to retrieve and leave with him.  I remember thinking - absolutely not.  When the session was over, he said  let 's go to your car and I responded absolutely - surprising myself.  We walked to the car and I happily handed them to him and have not looked back in 2 months.  Not sure how it worked, but it did.  Thank you Ken!

Bor L.
Pleasanton, CA.

01/15/2016 on

Next week it will be 2 years since Ken helped me free myself from the shackles of addiction, and every day I am grateful that I don 't smoke anymore. I have now sent 4 people to him who are all happily free as well- all heavy, many year smokers. If you're on the fence - hop off!  This is the best money I have ever spent. 

Quitting smoking began an avalanche of healthy habits for me (eating well followed by regular exercise), and as I near 40 years old, I 'm in the best shape of my life.  I have energy, I run to catch buses and trains (something I would NEVER do when I was smoking) and I no longer have to get up in the middle of dinner parties to go out to smoke.

It's hard to explain how much better life is without smoking, since you really have to experience it to understand.  So do it: seize the day and take back control of your life!

Kristen V.
San Francisco, CA.

12/15/2016 on

I wish they had more than five stars to give, I would give Ken a perfect 10.
I just completed an amazing four - part life - changing course with Ken Guzzo call Prime Potential over the last several months.

It was an amazing, life-changing journey into my inner me.

You know there's that part of you, that you show the world and you want the world to believe you, but down deep you' re not sure
if you believe it yourself. Those judging voices inside your head and heart that are always giving you those negative feeling or self talk.

Imagine knowing who you really are and why you are here.  Getting out of your own way so you can create the life you want and that you 're perfect, the freedom of that is amazing.

Ken created a safe place for me to Journey into the darkness of me, and I never felt any judgment from him.  He was 100 % there for me at all times, and he just supported me on my journey.  I never felt rushed or hurried to find the right answer that I thought he might need, he just patiently waited  for me to find what I needed.

Just writing this review brings up some tears for me, and how grateful I am to Ken for helping me find myself on a profoundly deep level.

My friends If you have the courage and desire to dig deep and want to know who you really are, this is a profound and safe way to do it, he has the tools and knowledge to support you all the way through.

I know down to my core who I am and that what I 'm showing the world is really me, the negative voices stopped and it is liberating and freeing just to be able take a deep breath and know who I am at all times.

A new journey has begun for me and I 'm looking forward to seeing which roads I decide to take.  I want to give Ken my deepest gratitude and love for supporting me thru my journey.

Dona L
San Pedro, CA.

12/09/2015 on

This is like magic!  After 1 visit with Ken I am a non - smoker. 

I smoked for 40 years and tried everything to quit.  I tried the gum and the patches and Chantix and the ultimate struggle of "cold turkey".  I quit several times only to lose the craving battle and return to the deadly habit.  I am amazed with my results.  I have not had a cigarette since I entered Kens Sacramento office. 

When I heard about Ken and the Non - Smoking Center and gave it a shot.  Best life decision ever.  I have absolutely no desire to smoke.  Thanks for giving me a new lease on life.

Coleen M.
Forest Hill, CA.

12/09/2015 on 

After 35 years of being a slave to cigarettes and trying  EVERYTHING to quit, I spent a few hours with Ken Guzzo and became a non-smoker for the rest of my life. No cravings, no withdrawal...done. Forever. I just celebrated the 6th anniversary of being smoke free. What a great feeling! If you are thinking of quitting, stop thinking and go see Ken at the non-smoking center. It is a visit that can really can save your life.

Wayne Coy, Morning Host KKIQ Radio
Dublin, CA.


12/08/2015 on

Ken is an amazing talented individual. I was referred to him from my niece that had quit smoking back in April and it was working extremely well for her. I decided to make an appt in August and I am happy to say that I have been smoke free since then!!!! It was one of the best decisions that I have made in my life! I am no longer a slave to a tobacco stick! I do admit I've had urges! However, being hypnotized truly works!!! You gotta want to stop smoking and I definitely wanted to!! I had been smoking for 20+ years, Thank you Ken for helping me feel better!! (And smell better! Nothing is more disgusting then smoke filled clothes and hair).

Ruby T.
Las Vegas, NV.

12/04/2015 on

The day I walked into your office I was smoking about 20 cigarettes a day!

From the moment I exited the hypnosis room I knew something was different. What was different? I no longer felt like picking up a cigarette and lighting it! The need to smoke it was GONE! Completely GONE for good! It was as though I never smoked! Standing in the reception area in your office I smiled at the ever growing mountain of discarded packs of no longer required smokes!

It's been a year and a half and I have never even thought of smoking and I know that this is permanent!

Thank you Ken for all the years of my life you have given me back!

If you are reading this review and really are ready to stop smoking please do your self a favor and make an appointment ASAP! THIS REALLY DOES WORK!

Amme S.
Aromas. CA.

07/01/2015 on

Today, July 1st, marks the day I have been exactly one month free of tobacco! I'm 22 (I just graduated college, and was very aware that this transition would be a good time to change my stubborn ways). I had been fighting with a strong, daily addiction to tobacco and weed for years. Specifically, my struggle was with the dependency on smoking tobacco with weed out of a bong, an addiction that was both uncleanly, unhealthy, and embarrassing. I cannot tell you how impactful this process has been on my whole life, I feel more confident, stronger and more empowered knowing I no longer have an urge or craving to do that old, disgusting habit :)

I was new to the non-smoking center, and had some apprehensions at first. When I met Ken, he was very open to answering any questions, and had a very easy going and friendly energy about him. He explained the Center's process in a very clear manner, and even congratulated me on being wise to want to quit at a young adult age.

If you truly want to stop your tobacco addiction, in any form, Ken will fully support and guide you to a more positive, healthy lifestyle, 100% tobacco free! Through my personal experience, I have seen incredible results.

Thank you Ken and the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center!


6/28/2015 on

Today is my one year anniversary as a non-smoker. What an awesome experience this was.
I am a non-smoker and it was virtually effortless. Thanks Ken you are truly an amazing guy. And funny too!

Perry H.
Palm Springs, CA.

6/28/2015 on

Ken is truly amazing man.  I was about a pack a day smoker for a little over 30 years!  With the Bay Area Non Smoking Center's process, becoming a non smoker was easy pezey ! In 1.5 hrs, I was a non smoker! And haven't had any cravings once so ever. It is literally like I never smoked. If you WANT to quit this is the only way to go. IT REALLY WORKS !

Janet F.
Emeryville, CA.

06/24/2015 on

I was a pack-a-day smoker for 15 years and had tried plenty of methods to quit.  Nothing stuck and I finally felt desperate enough to try something a little less conventional.  I'll never doubt hypnosis therapy again and am even considering Ken for some other services.

Ken's service is unreal. You'll be shocked at how well it works the minute you walk out of his office.

Mike B.
Fair Oaks, CA.

6/01/2015 on

I took Ken Guzzo's 4 day Hypnotist Certification Workshop and loved it!  His class is thorough, interactive and full of amazing, helpful information. As a Life-Coach and Artist, this training has helped my own confidence in both fields. I have fallen in love with hypnosis and highly recommend it to anyone. It changes lives. I have already started using Hypnoses as a healing tool for my clients and am thrilled to learn it is making a real difference in their lives.  Thank-you Ken for all your are and do.

Melissa R
Los Angeles, CA

5/06/2015 on

Ken is an outstanding hypnotist. He is deeply concerned for his client's wellbeing and makes it his one and only goal to have them free of whatever challenge they came in to clear. Hypnosis is so relaxing and not scary at all. Book your session with Ken ASAP you deserve to let go of any and all blocks in your life! He helped me to release blocks around money and success and also taught me how to hypnotize others in his certification course.

Jay B
Los Angeles, CA

05/14/2015 on

Look, I'm not here to help you to quit smoking. I'm just telling you, you will quit smoking. Look at all the 5 stars in these reviews, its not from idiots, its from SMOKERS.

A forty year smoker, my wife Jan (That I've been married for the past 17 years) has tried all these years, to have me quit, especially since she has never been a smoker. Last year she found another Hypnotherapist, and had convinced me to see him. She had two co-workers who had previously quit using Hypnotherapy. I lost his card, so Jan "Googled" and found Ken.

I kept putting it off in Jan/Feb, but made my appointment on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) after seeing the video on his website.
Arriving at his office, I left 2 cigarettes in a pack in my car for "After his session".
After this appointment, I went to my car, broke up the smokes, and took my lighter and tossed it out the window. I quit !!!

Two months later, not one "Urge", my habits of standing on the porch to smoke or lighting up once buckled into the car, are non existent. I still stand on the porch, and breathe. I get into the car, but don't smell the smoke from before. My 5 year old granddaughter once said, "You smell Grandpa" after coming in from outside and picking her up, Now I know that smell and harm to HER is no longer there.

Look, the patches and gum are made by the "TOBACCO MANUFACTURES"! They want to you use their "Under 10% success rated products". They know 90% will relapse to smoking. They get you buying THEIR products on both sides. I spent the 500.00 and quit that day !!!! Go buy their 50-100 dollar patches, then relapse to their 60.00 cartons. See how fast you spend that money.

Don't even get me started on E Cigarettes.

I don't "Preach" to family members or friends who smoke. When around them, seriously, the smoke doesn't bother me, I just prefer to move away, not from disgust or irritability, just don't like it anymore.  

I just want to say, if you want to quit, this works. Look to the reviews, were all here testifying that Ken and his method just works. You just have to say, am I worth the
little amount of money, am I worth not getting lung cancer? You know you are, so stop today.

Jerry K.
                                San Lorenzo, CA.

03/09/2015 on

Ken helped me stop smoking immediately. I had tried everything and it would work only for a short time. It has been several months now and I am a non-smoker.  When I see someone smoke or smell cigarette smoke I find it repulsive and can't believe I ever was a smoker. I am amazed at the effectiveness of the hypnosis method that Ken uses.  I am also working with Ken on some other long standing issues and we are making good progress.

Thank you Ken for being there!

Michael M.
Tipton, CA.

02/18/2015 on

After 18 years of smoking and only being age 34, I finally have quit smoking and it was the easiest thing I have ever done. I didn't want to write this review until I truly felt I would never smoke again. It's been 7 weeks now since I went in for my visit. I literally walked in a heavy smoker (smoking in the parking lot while I waited for my visit) and walked out a non-smoker.  I don't have and real cravings or anything of that sort. I do miss smoking sometimes with coffee or when my buddies light up when we are together, but I always smile and think I am so much better off now that I don't smoke.

It is truly amazing what Ken has done for me and my family. I would recommend his services to anyone that "wants" to quit smoking. If you do not want to quit, he cannot help you. If you want it, he can get your over that hump to never smoke again. It was the best money I ever spent. I have already made back the money for the visit by not smoking a pack daily over the last 7 weeks!

Thank you so much Ken!!

Edris R.
San Ramon, CA.

01/04/2015 on

Happy Birthday Ken, our 8th anniversary of not smoking in Feb, awesome xxx

Margaret D.
Kalgoorie, Australia (near Perth)


12/31/2014 on      

Dear Ken,

I also want to wish you good fortune and happiness for not only the coming year, but for always.

It has been over two years since I saw you.  I wanted to quit smoking after 55 years.  I was spending over $2500 per year on cigarettes and could hardly breathe.  I would spend an hour coughing in the mornings just to clear my lungs just to get a breath of fresh air.

I thought smoking was normal since my father smoked and so did John Wayne and Humphrey Bogart and other Hollywood Stars. In all the 55 years that I smoked, just to be like those guys, I have spent over $110,000 for tobacco, mostly cigarettes.

The $500 I gave you was certainly worth it.  After seeing you, and after 55 years of smoking cigarettes, I have not smoked one for over two years now!

I AM SMOKE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Ken!   You saved my Life!

Happy New Year!!   I can breathe again!!


Ron A.

12/30/2014 on     


Happiest New Year wishes to you and your family.

I am 100% non smoker since February 7, 2012.

Thank you.

Barry P.

12/10/2014 on

I just had the most amazing & powerful session with Ken.  Quitting smoking has been such a struggle for me.  I used smoking as a form of socializing, exerting independence from people or a situation, a crutch for dealing with things that I didn't want to fully feel and to avoid people, places, and experiences. 

I now truly feel that I can go about life and handle things without smoking.  I have tapped back into my power and know that I have the strength emotionally & mentally to effortlessly and permanently be a NON-SMOKER!!!  Thank you Ken!

Michelle, E.
Fairfield, CA.

12/03/2014 on   volunteered at a hypnosis certification class

I didn't originally meet Ken with the intention of quitting smoking.  Ken ran a Hypnotherapy Certification class up in Vancouver in October of 2014 for a small group of friends and friends of friends.  I heard many good things about him and also was interested in learning another way of being in service to others in my community. 

Well, what an amazing journey, not only did I get my Hypnotherapy Certification, also my own life was completely changed when Ken offered as part of the class to hypnotize me to quick smoking.  What a GIFT!  I have been smoke free ever since and have no desire to smoke at all.  It is as if I had never even smoked before.  I am so very glad and grateful to Ken for his time, effort and skill in helping me become more of who I want to be out in the world.  I am changed forever.  Thank you Ken!

Lori W.
Vancouver, BC. Canada

11/17/2014 on   Two BFFs came in together in August, 2014...

When you read this and the other reviews you are going to think, yeah right, there's got to be a catch. Well, that's what I thought but I was so determined to finally, after 40 years, yes, 40 years of smoking with many unsuccessful times quitting, to do something different that would mean I would never smoke again. So I found Ken by researching on the internet and read the reviews and just decided to take a chance. Well, it was really no chance at all. I have had no desire for a cigarette ever since. Seriously. I am not thinking about it day and night. And I'm writing this review because I want other people to know they do not have to be chained to that habit, it is completely possible to be free and happy. Really. Happy, not grouchy, not obsessing about not being able to smoke, just living life as a non smoker naturally.

Thank you Ken for finally helping me break free. And I sincerely hope those of you who are reading this will go for it.

Sherry W.
Oakland, CA.

11/08/2014 on   ...Both have been craving-free ever since.

I never thought I could do it... and it's been so easily!  

I've been smoking over 40 years - and really starting to feel the effects of it.  The day I went to see Ken -  I got to his office early - and waited outside smoking as much as I could.  Afraid of losing a best friend ( that really is NOT a friend)!  -  After the 2 hours with Ken -  I walked out of the office ( incredibly relaxed) and have had not smoked since -  On certain occasions -( ie: walking past a smoker)   I have thought about  it - and immediately find myself smiling at the fact that I'm now a non-smoker - and have no temptations to 'even have a drag'  .........

I'm so glad that I found Ken ( who really is very delightful) - and I'm so excited with my success in not smoking...... Now I'm going to check out his weight release program!

Kathy H.
Novato, CA.

11/06/2014 on

I don't know where to start.  I'm a father of two young boys 1 and 4 and a beautiful Brazilian wife whom I love very much.  I started smoking when I was 15 years old stealing my parents cigarettes (Winstons).  I smoked for the next 30 years 1-2 packs a day.  I've tied the gum, chant-ix, cold turkey, and hypnosis (much different experience in 1983) but nothing got me to quit.  My parents who also smoked for 40+ years, they went through hypnosis in 1983 and were able to quit; they brought me but I failed to quit.  

So I was about to sign up for the chant-ix route again since it was the only thing that really came close historically (quit for 2 days only in 1999) but decided last minute to try hypnosis.  I made this decision because of all the videos and testimonials I read on Ken's site, not to mention the 95% success rate.  I thought if I could do this in one visit even better!  I was very afraid of failing again with chant-ix.

Although I actually enjoyed smoking I also hated it at the same time (maybe only a smoker could understand).  I have to admit I was very skeptical waiting in the parking lot for my appointment; smoking and waiting of course.  I thought how could I leave here today a non-smoker.  I was actually already thinking of smoking once my appointment was over and I hadn't even entered the building for my appointment yet!!  The appointment lasted for quite some time and I didn't really feel different as I left Ken's office but soon started to notice I didn't go to grab my smoke while I was driving.  As minutes, hours, then days, and weeks went by I really could say I'm a non-smoker.  I had not smoked in over a month and had no urge to smoke at all.  I can honestly say I had 0% withdrawal, no cravings.  I can even sit down with friends and drink beer and not have a craving to smoke.  I can be near other people who are smoking and not have an urge.  As I stated above I had a love/hate relationship with smoking and I can now say I just hate.  The only time I thought I blew it and cheated by smoking it ended up being a dream.  I actually dreamed twice I had smoked a cigarette, I was so disappointed but both times it ended up being a dream ;-)  it will be two months without smoking November 15th and I couldn't be happier.  

It's just like others are saying here, it's as if they had never smoked before.  The subconscious has been re-programmed.  Also learning the facts about addiction along with all of the other material really makes for a great system.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to quit.

Thanks Ken, words cannot describe how much I appreciate what you have done for me and my family!

Best Regards,
Jeff M.
Brentwood, CA.

10/03/2014 on

I hope I can find the words to express my gratitude to Ken Guzzo. I'm not sure if I'd still be kicking if I hadn't made the call some years ago. Ken saved my life. I was a hard core smoker. I loved my cigarettes and they were slowly killing me.

  I've heard people say that you have to want to quit for hypnosis to work. I can say that I didn't "want" to quit, I just knew that I had to quit if I was going to keep breathing. If I could have have found a way to keep smoking and still get oxygen into my lungs, I would still be at it. So, I didn't want to quit, I had to.

  I remember thinking that it would have been easy to make fun of the hypnosis thing. If I ridiculed it, let it fail, then I could continue smoking and justify the slow motion suicide I was committing. Besides, there was no way I'd be able to turn my back on smoking without an epic struggle, and I was willing to accept that I was too weak. But something hit me on the drive over to try giving it a chance. I took a quick look at a possible life not waking up hacking and wheezing, afraid I might be taking my last gasp of air each morning. So I'd humor the guy, and give it a go.

  I found Ken's perspective that smoking is a bad habit perpetuated by the sub conscious mind rather than a classic addiction quite interesting. He proved it to me when I walked out of his office two hours later. No withdrawals, no shakes, cravings, irritable behavior. It turned out to be one of the easiest things I had ever done.

  I can hang out with other smokers, have some beers, see other people smoking, no problem. I still kind of chuckle every time I eat and not "have" to have a smoke afterwards. I'll be damned. For me, one of the best things is that I didn't turn into an anti smoking Nazi. I still enjoy the smell of a freshly lit smoke, and I don't begrudge people that choose to enjoy smoking.

  I stumbled some years later, and Ken took me back in and sent me on my way a non smoker again. God bless Ken. He IS a life saver!

Gordon B.                        Gordon became smoke-free on October 8, 2008
San Mateo, CA.


on      for Enhanced Athletic Performance

    Hi Ken,

    This is Jennifer Dorian. I'm just emailing to say hi and to let you know that my cycling descending skills have finally come together. I am no longer fearful but rather I enjoy going downhill and gaining speed. I was even able to win some races!

    I really feel that my time spent with you paired with my practicing opened the door to enjoying something that once caused me a great deal of fear. I'm so pleased to have overcome this and enjoy high speed descending.

    I hope you, your wife, and your two children are doing well. And I have to tell you, when I finish my PhD program the first thing I plan to do is to enroll in your course. I honestly can say that hypnosis has changed my life for the better in the most powerful ways... more than anything else!

    Take care, and I hope to see you soon,

    Jennifer A. Dorian, M.A., MHB
    Smoke-free since 12/12/2011


    Love it!! And now 2.5 years smoke free and sis my first tough Mudder at age 53 last Month!!

Mary M.

8/20/2014 on

BEST place for anyone that smokes, but wants to LIVE another day. I haven't touched a cigarette for since June of 2009. I used to smoke a good TWO packs a day... Feeling WONDERFUL now a days...

Eric V.


Hi Ken, John M........ here. I am the cop that used your service I believe over 6 years ago. I am happy to report I am still not smoking. I tell all my referrals I have sent to you that hypnosis as a way to quit smoking was the easiest thing I have done and no weight gain. I laugh when I see commercials for the patch or e cigarettes because it seems like so much work for such a small chance of quitting smoking. Thanks again 

6/26/2014 on

Yelp's five star rating comes with the quote "Woohoo! As good as it gets!" and that's the truth.

My smoking story: I began smoking at the age of 14, and from the start I was a pack a day smoker. That continued until I was 30, when I met my  non-smoking husband and cut back to 1/2 a pack a day. At 32, I quit by using gum for about a year, but it was a struggle not to smoke the entire time! I picked it back up again and hung out at 1/2 a pack a day until last January, at the age of 36 (22 years after starting) I finally made an appointment with Ken.

I jokingly call it 'voodoo magic' when I tell my friends and family, because it doesn't seem possible that two hours could change a habit I've had my entire adult life (and before!), but somehow it does. I don't have cravings- I haven't had one. What I did have for the first month or so was something I began calling 'echos of the habit'. It wasn't a desire to smoke, but a moment of 'It's time to smoke' followed immediately by 'Oh that's right, I don't have to do that anymore, hooray!'

One of the most telling moments for me in knowing that it worked was the day after I saw Ken. I went to a dinner party, had three glasses of wine (usually a trigger!), then went outside and sat with my friend while she had a cigarette. I could see her smoking, smell the cigarette smoke,  and I didn't have ANY desire to smoke. Tell me that isn't amazing!

Sometimes I have dreams that I 'accidentally' smoked, and I'm always so upset in the dream that I did. When I wake up it's such a relief to know that I'm still a non-smoker.

I am now 5 months in, and not only do I not want to smoke, I know deep in my heart that I never will again. I'm done. I'm a non-smoker, and I will be for the rest of my life! So far, I have referred one colleague to Ken (well, I told a million people, but so far only one has done it....so far!), and he is now as exuberant as I am in recruiting new smokers to free themselves from the weight of addiction. There's a reason Ken's is a referral based business- anyone who he helps is eager to share that joy with everyone they care about.

This is the best money you will ever spend, and considering what Ken does for you, it's an enormous bargain! Thanks again Ken!

Kristen V.
San Francisco, CA.

6/30/2014 on
for Ken's Hypnosis Certification Class at the American Academy of Hypnosis

Amazing workshop!!!!  I just completed an amazing and fast moving 5 day course with Ken Guzzo to learn level 1 hypnosis and receive a Smoking Cessation Specialist Certification.  

I have had a lot of training over the years, and Ken is one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure to worked with. Ken has a wonderful attention to detail, and has an unbelievable ability to really listen and understanding how I needed to learn the process and training, his soothing voice and calm nature put me at ease and made me feel smart, special, and that I can do anything. Everything was laid out in great detail and I took home a complete package of books, reference info, DVD of our sessions, and forms - truly a business in a box.

Part of the training was watching and experiencing real clients making the transformation from smoker to non-smoker.  What an amazing experience!!!!! Everyone left 10 feet off the ground and sooooo happy.  Helping people make this type of transformation is definitely something I want to put into my business model.

After many years of being a business owner and hairdresser I work with clients everyday. This training will give me new tools and help for my current clients and new ones in the future. I have gotten a new focus for myself and my life..... along with some personal healing and awareness for myself on a very deep level. It was very much worth the money and time spent.
Thank you Ken for following your passion to help others.......

Dona L.
San Pedro, CA.

6/06/2014 on

I smoked for 30 years, and my whole family smoked. Then about six years ago my brother-in-law heard an ad for the stop smoking center on KGO radio. He didn't say a word to any of us but after a few days we noticed he wasn't smoking. Then he confessed he had been to see Ken Guzzo. We were skeptical that it would last and we watched with great interest for a year,
my brother-in-law had become a non-smoker.

My sister, his wife decided then that she would give it a try. She became a non-smoker. Six months later I went and became a non-smoker. Six months after that my younger brother went and became a non-smoker. After that numerous friends were impressed enough to try and to succeed at becoming non-smokers. The amazing thing to was that it took only one session.

Thank you Ken for adding years to the lives of my self, my family and countless friends.

Melissa Terrell DRBA Admin

Alamo, CA.

Notice these reviews are months and years after their session.

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04/05/2014 on     

Hi Ken,

I am the cop that used your service I believe over 6 years ago. I am happy to report I am still not smoking.

I tell all my referrals I have sent to you that hypnosis as a way to quit smoking was the easiest thing I have done and no weight gain. I laugh when I see commercials for the patch or e cigarettes because it seems like so much work for such a small chance of quitting smoking.

Thanks again
John M.

6/20/2014 on      

Hi, Ken,

Hope you are doing well.

I'm still doing great, thanks for your help!

Jessica G.

4/29/2014 on

Don't know about the reviews with less than 5 stars.  As Ken tells you during your session; all the suggestion in the world doesn't mean anything unless you really want it....guess that's true with anything in life. 

At any rate, I told myself I wasn't going to write a review right away after meeting with Ken....a year and a half later and I am still smoke free and not looking back. I thank GOD for the day I walked in/out of Kens office.  It works, stop procrastinating and free yourself from that horrible habit.

Paul O.
Alameda, CA.

4/04/2014 on

Well the third time is a charm.  Ken is serious, if you backslide you can keep calling him and I did. I would stop for a year, have a crisis and yes, it only took one, and I was smoking again.  Well I think I have finally go it, I can't have just one and I appreciate Ken's guarantee more than he knows.  My husband and I went to the first session together.  He has stayed a non smoker for 3 years and this was after smoking 40 years.

Shavonne S.
Oakland, CA.

03/28/2014 on   

Hi Ken

 Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that (and I can hardly believe I am writing this email) the stop smoking hypnotherapy/tapping/muscle testing session I did with you in August 2013 was a complete success. I have NOT bought, touched or even remotely been tempted to smoke ever since that day. The session was extremely informative, interesting and relaxing (ie, no anxiety at all), and the results speak for themselves. I am a nonsmoker.

I smoked for many years, and in the space of 2 hours we tossed out that habit like we were clearing out some old junk from the attic. I was concerned for the first few weeks that somehow I might relapse (so much so that I didn't really tell anyone I'd quit). No one was more surprised than I that, at my 6 month anniversary of quitting, this pervasive, pesky and unhealthy habit was inexplicably and irrevocably GONE. Amazing. I continue to be vigilant, but am so very, very happy to say that even occasional reminders of a habit that once gave me (so I thought) comfort are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

One thing I will say is that I was ready to quit, but seemed to be unable to do it by myself. Just the thought of quitting was enough to make me chain smoke for hours. This program was the push that launched me back on track.

So thank you. THANK YOU. I really appreciate the time, attention, humor and humanity behind this program and highly recommend it to anyone who is so inclined.Best regards,

Claire B


03/26/2014 on

I started smoking at 15 years old, by the time I was 17, I was up to a pack a day, and didn't skip a beat till recently within the last few years.  I tried everything, gum, patch, e cig, none of it worked.  Finally, I ran into my uncle who quit 7 years ago, and turned me on to Ken.  I was willing to try anything, and I'm glad I did.  Not only did Ken give me the tools I need to stop smoking,  Its almost as if I never smoked at all.  I've tried quitting several times and used to get these uncontrollable urges to smoke, especially after I ate, or in the car etc.  But after going through Ken's program I experienced none of this.  I just want to thank you Ken for helping me save my life!!!!!!!!


Sean M.
San Francisco, CA.

03/04/2014 on  

I went to Ken 3 years ago to stop smoking. I had been a smoke for 12 Years and tried every other way to quit there was. When I went in for my appointment I was really skeptical and was even skeptical when I was leaving my appointment. But it worked my cravings were gone and I didn't smoke again until recently. I want to be clear that I started smoking again because I turned to it in a time of stress and not because of anything to do with Kens process. I went back to Ken for a follow up and I'm smoke free again. I recommend it 100%!!

Jennifer H.
Hayward, CA


Hello Fellow Yelpers!

I started smoking at 15, by 18 I was up to a pack a day. I tried many times to quit before meeting Ken, I tried with patches, lozenges, gum, cold turkey and prescription pills, multiple times each with no successes. After one visit to Ken's office, after 15 years, i walked away from smoking cigarettes for the rest of my life. That was May, 28th of last year.

I wrote Ken the below email to say thank you yesterday afternoon. When he called me this morning to ask if i would share my story on yelp, i didn't hesitate.

"Dear Ken,

Almost one year ago, I came to your office with my closest friend. This was the first day I knew the world was different than I saw it in previous days. 30 Years of seeing the world now had to be re-thought. I finally woke up! Not just to the nasty little habit of smoking, but to the world around me. I could not go another day without saying THANK YOU!

Thank You for taking the time out of your life to do this humankind. The impact will be immeasurable in terms of thought and time for everyone you come in contact with.  I plan to take my own course on how to pay this forward, but if there is anything you feel I can do to help others please let me know. Like everyone else, I want to help the world, but don't always know how.


Nicholas B.
Pleasanton, CA.

02/20/2014 on 

Briefly, for background, I was a pack (at least) a day smoker for more than 20 years and and went to the bay area non smoking center mainly because i had no interest in substituting any gums, patches, or pills to accomplish my desire to break the hold of the cigarette.  I did not see any point in replacing nicotine with nicotine.

The following is a copy and paste of the status update letter I recently wrote to Ken...

Good Morning Ken,

This letter is to update you that you may add another success story to your total.  It's been just over two weeks since I was in to see you and I am very proudly smoke free and happy to report that I have barely even had the urge to have a cigarette.  You truly did "make it so easy".  I will admit I was still skeptical but determined when I left your office on 2/4/14. In fact, in response to my skepticism, I asked my wife to please allow me some space to share with her "the experience" at my own pace because I wasn't sure at that time what I felt about it all.  As I began to open up and divulge some of the highlights of my time with you, I began to realize a little more clearly what had transpired and then was able to believe and gain more and more confidence.  I can say with all certainty though that since the moment I left your office (and very likely in that first 15 minutes as you stated) I was no longer a smoker even though I may not have believed it right away.  

Ken, I cannot thank you enough!  Your assistance to help me be free is felt and enjoyed every single day and in every single aspect of my "new" life.  I continue to happily share my experience and my success and have touted your approach to all of my friends and peers.   I am hopeful and confident that at least a few of them will be contacting you in the future.  Keep up the good work!

With gratitude,

Brad R.
San Rafael, CA.

10/22/2013 on 

I went to see Ken after one of my co workers suggested I do so. He had quit 3 years prior by seeing Ken. I had been a smoker for 20 years & was ready & willing to quit. I had quit a few times but never for long. I debated for a month whether or not to proceed. I did all the research I could & found nothing to deter me.

Finally I put the money aside & set the date on his site. I figured the cost was about a 6 month supply for my habit. I was smoking Shermans, at $10 a pack because they were all natural. LOL. I knew I was killing myself slowly.

I will admit I was SO nervous & anxious up to the very day I walked into his office. For me this was a last resort & failure was not an option.

I was there with Ken for the hypnosis all by myself & was 100% comfortable at all times. He is very funny & has a great way of making a lady comfortable. He answered my 100 questions  & was very patient.!

That day was 01/25/2013. I walked out of office 2 hours later like a new woman. Usually driving with a cigarette was mandatory. I didn't even want it. Everyday is like that now. I am no longer a smoker. I am coming up on my 9 month anniversary on the 25th of this month!!! I am still amazed at my most stressful moments that I don't choose to smoke. Finally I am FREE!!

Thank you Ken!!
If you are debating, STOP & sign up today!!

Angie H.
Windsor, CA.


10/19/2013 on 

After 20 years of smoking  my wife and I went to Ken. I tried numerous methods to stop smoking and failed. I was a skeptic but my wife dragged me in and I'm glad she did. We both stopped smoking. Get an urge every now and then but it goes away. Before I couldn't go an hour without a cigarette. Whatever we paid, it was worth it. Ken was cool. Made us feel comfortable. Read a review that said he was creepy. To each their own. I left his office feeling like I had a new friend. I'd have a beer with the dude. He never guaranteed a %100 success rate. All I can say is it worked for me, my wife and my friend that I sent to Ken. I would highly recommend seeing Ken to anyone trying to quit.

Thank you Ken from the both of us for changing our lives.

Eric W.
Vacaville, CA.

7/9/2013 on   

I was a big smoker for years going through 2 packs of the Djarnum Clove cigarettes in a day. Then a friend of mine told me about Ken Guzzo and his program back in 2009. At first I was skeptical of it really working and even thought to myself, "How could it really be that easy to quit and never go back again?" So then I started being more active, doing martial arts and things of that nature and realized just how much of a problem smoking had effected my abilities to breath.

After about 5 months of not being able to fully breath I made a decision to stop smoking. I tried the patch, the gum, and even cold turkey on my own. Well once the stress level rose, or I got around friends who smoked I would light up on of their cigarettes and there I was smoking again. So finally in April I made a decision that changed my life. I decided to contact Ken for more information on his program and to schedule my day to quit smoking....May 8th. I was nervous, so much so that I chain smoked that morning when I got up lighting a cigarette as soon as I fixed my cup of coffee. Smoked through getting dressed, and driving to his office, never letting a cigarette go out without lighting another one.

I arrived at his office and chained smoked 3 more cigarettes before I finally went in nervous but what would happen, how would life be without smoking, would I be strong enough standing around my friends who smoke? But let me tell you, I went into his office, did the program putting the pack of cigarettes I had in my hand in the bin. Once it was over I walked out side and realized my first sensation. I didn't have the urge to get in the car and light a cigarette before I started the car to drive away. That spare pack I always kept in the counsel, threw that away in the nearest garbage can and drove home smoke free. Got home and the carton I had with 6 packs in it, threw it away. It was amazing that I didn't even want to smoke at all. that weekend I was around friends who smoked, and their smoking didn't bother me one bit. I didn't even want to light a cigarette to join in and didn't feel left out because I wasn't smoking with them, but felt free and relieved to not be held down by that crutch. So here I am 1 year 2 months and 1 day later still smoking free, and loving every minute of it. Thanks Ken, you were the best decision of my life!!!

Jermaine Johnson,
Walnut Creek, CA.

7/5/2013 on

I smoked for 35 years and for the last 8 years I was smoking two packs of new ports a day. I had quit a few times during the 35 years but I always went back to the cancer sticks. Then I went and saw Ken and in one hour I was done with cigarettes. It's now been two years and no trouble so far. Actually I have turned I to one of those nicotine Nazis.

It's amazing no cravings no nothing. It's like I have never smoked. In fact if I go places where people re smoking I find it very nasty and find it hard to breathe. So in my book Ken Guzzo is the man. And you can't beat his guarantee free follow up for life. I was skeptical but now I am a believer. If you want to quit Ken is your guy.

Cliff Forgarty
San Francisco, CA.
Smoke-free since 5/6/2011

7/2/2013 on 

My girlfriend and I were pack a day smokers for 30 years.  I felt it was time to quit and came across the BA Non-Smoking Center.  We showed up, left our cigarettes at the door and haven't looked back since.  That was over a year ago and neither of us miss it at all, not to mention the money we have saved!  We have recommended Ken to our family and friends as well.

Go for it, you can do it too!

Alan V.
Newark, CA.

6/28/2013 on  

After 30 years of smoking, my boyfriend wanted to quit.  He came across Ken's non-smoking center on the internet and proposed that we try this together,  I agreed. I am pleased to say that we left our cigarettes on the counter over a year ago and haven't looked back.  

We are now both non-smokers, no longer smell like an ashtray and are pleased at the money that we now spend on other things.  {  I spend.. he saves... :) }

2 happy customers.  You can be one too!  Go for it!

Mary B.
Newark, CA.

6/27/2013 on  

I smoked cigarettes for 12 years. After one session with Ken I don't feel the need to smoke anymore! Even when stressed or after having a few drinks, I don't want a cigarette. I haven't smoked a cig in almost a week! I'm super happy about it. Thank you Ken!

Gwen A.
Fresno, CA.

5/20/2013 on     (to Stop Drinking - See Prime Potential)

Ken Guzzo helped me transform my life in a most profound and rapid way and I wish for others like me to meet him.  I went to him for help with 30-years of alcohol dependence.  After the first session (1 of 4) that took about 4 hours, I walked out of his office absolutely clear of any need or interest in alcohol.  (Friends and family are amazed and can see a deep, fundamental change in me.)  It has been about 3 months and I know that this is for life.  I wake up every morning with an ease, clarity, caring and creative approach to my world and I feel so fortunate to have escaped the misguided "need" to drink (two bottles of wine) every day.    

Meeting Ken for the first time, I was struck by his warmth, wisdom and understanding - he creates a very safe space in which to address the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that lead to addiction.  He introduced me to the Miruspoint program - 4 sessions over 3 months - in which he ushers you through significant painful and emblematic points and patterns in your life and then makes a safe space in which to relive them in order to explore, understand, and finally release their power over you.  I am condensing greatly the scope and depth of Ken's approach for brevity here, but it was very rigorous, searching and effective.  It is not only fascinating - I learned a tremendous amount about myself - it is also a life-changing, life-saving process.  I went in to stop drinking alcohol, but have gained so much more in an abiding richer quality of life.   I strongly suggest you contact Ken for help.

Stewart A.
Alameda, CA.

5/20/2013 on  

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Center with equally amazing people! Ken is 101% real and very personable! My parents went to Mr. Ken Guzzo as smokers and walked away as non-smokers! I recently brought a good friend to Ken's hypnotism workshop (training other hypnotherapists) and she walked away a non-smoker and is doing FANTASTIC!!! I was very skeptical about hypnotism at first, until my parents came home different people!

The BEST thing about Ken and his workshops is that he TEACHES everybody about the breakdowns of how the human psyche works so you understand how hypnotism works and you are a part of what's going on. It's very educational and he is always there to turn to if you're confused, have questions or just need advice about what you're there for. I personally went to two workshops for myself called "Success Beyond Beliefs" and each time, I walked away with more courage, confidence and a different outlook on life. I have a ways to go yet to meet my personal goals, but I am confident in Ken and his team to get me there. :)

I would highly recommend Ken and his team HANDS-DOWN to anybody with all the confidence in the world that anyone who walks in his door will leave with more knowledge, insight and just an overall positive, amazing experience. Thank you Ken!!! (I wish I could give more stars! *****)

April S.
Concord, CA.

5/7/2013 on   (smoking & weight-loss) watch my video »  

Bay Area Non-Smoking Center has been one of the best discoveries of my life.  I went to Ken in January 2011 to quit smoking.  After one visit I was and remain a non-smoker.  It's almost 2 1/2 years and I am still a non-smoker.  It is like I never smoked and I was a smoker for over 40 years.  This works. I am living proof.  

When I decided to be proactive about my health and wanted to loose weight, getting help from Ken at  Bay Area Non-smoking Center was a no-brainer.  I signed up for the program and am having great success. I am effortlessly exercising and eating better.  I feel great.  Ken is fantastic.  His soothing voice and methods are relaxing and he is able to tap into your inner self and help pull out the better you.  He is helping me discover the better me and I am so grateful for him and the Center. Try it.  It really does work.

Pamela J.
Hayward, CA.

4/25/2013 on  

I try to stay away from reviewing anything because no business can please EVERYONE, it is impossible. There will always be that client, patron, patient, customer, that will have a bad experience regardless of the facts or reality, in whatever business that exists.

My personal experience with Bay Area Non-Smoking Center has been one of complete joy. I am FREE of tobacco and have been for five years, ever since the day I met with Ken Guzzo. I was a pack a day for 20 + years smoker mind you.

I found Ken to be seriously interested in my well being, and more than accommodating and helpful. He is warm, caring, and sincerely focused on helping his clients beat the habit of smoking.

I heard Ken on a radio advertisement and was curious and excited about the notion of quitting in an hour, effortlessly.

All I can say, is that I made the call, spent the money, and am now forever grateful to the man. He saved my life!!!  My last smoke was Feb. 7th 2008. Smiling, and loving life!

Ron T.
Danville, CA.


5/29/2013 on  

Ken is amazing!!  A month and a half smoke free and zero urges... That is unbelievable to me.  I was a pack and a half a day smoker, So this is still so unreal to me....... Thanks ken I feel awesome! I would recommend him to anyone who is struggling with quitting.. And yes it is that easy!!!!!!!

Linnea K.
Alameda, CA.

on on  

If you truly want to stop smoking for good then Ken can and will help you do it.  Period.

I first heard about Ken in 2008 and met with him in January 2009.  I had smoked off and on for the past 17-years and finally made the decision that I wanted to quit.  I had tried gum and cold turkey with little to no success.  During our meeting Ken explained the process and it really made a lot of sense to me.  I was skeptical but hopeful for a positive outcome.  I was not disappointed.

I have not had a cigarette or desired one since that day in January 2009 when I stopped smoking.  It was easy and exactly as represented.  Ken and his commitment to his clients and their success is unmatched.  I have referred a number of people over the years to the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center and will continue to do so.  

I believe Ken helped save my life and I will always be grateful.  


Jason G.
Benicia, CA.

4/12/2013 on  

I went to see Ken several years ago to quit a habit that was robbing me of my health, vitality and self esteem.  I had been smoking on, more than off, for almost 20 years.  See, I had tried to quit in the past...but it was always tough...and lo and behold...something would come up and there I would be... back to smoking.  

I searched on line for a better way this time.  I had already tried the patch, lozenges, wellbutrin, and cold turkey and they had not provided a permanent solution for me.  My brother had successfully quit tobacco through hypnosis and I thought I would give it a shot.  

So I showed up at the Bay Area Non -Smoking Center an ashamed, self disgusted, closet smoker (see most people did not know of my habit) and I left a non-smoker!  I felt great!  And...I was really surprised at how easy it felt!

I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop!!  As it had already done so many times before.  But it just got better!!

Ken was wonderful!  His empathetic , warm, caring, and professional manner immediately put me at ease.  See, I respond well to humor and knowledge and this man has both ...in spades!!

I left there feeling light...like I had released a burden I was carrying around for a long time.  As I said before...I was very secretive about my habit...so I waited to write this review because I didn't want anyone to know.  But I realized that I could help others find a way to quit by sharing my experience. So here is my story.

Thank you Ken!!  My life has changed since I met you!!

Theresa, E
Dublin, CA.

on on  
     (for help with being chronically late)

I heard Ken on a radio talk show and called him to see if he could help me with a problem that I had had for decades. My problem was this: being chronically, consistently late.

I could have told you how the pattern started, what childhood scenarios embedded it in my psyche and behavior patterns, etc. etc., but I could not change it.  

Working with Ken made a difference that no amount of  will-power, therapy or prayer  had ever been able to reverse.  I went from being 80% late to being 80% + on time, which decreased stress, improved relationships, and was fully worth the cost.  

Ken truly finds joy in working with people and seeing them get free of bad habits.  I consider it an answer to prayer that I found him!

Ama Z.
Oakland, CA.


My wife and I went  to see Ken together after hearing him on the radio and we both quit during that first visit.  We walked out together with big smiles on our faces (wondering what the hell just happened) having no desire to smoke again and no cravings at all. Just free of tobacco and feeling fantastic!

That was in 2008- We wanted to stop smoking, wanted tobacco out of our lives forever for many reasons.

Ken was fantastic and we'll be forever grateful to him especially for our health, but also for how much money we've saved over these years.

I've read the reviews here and just want to add that we paid the full couples price and consider it a good deal any way we look at it. And a Lifetime Guarantee!

Thank you Ken,
Todd S.
Sonoma, CA.

4/10/2013 on  

This review is four years in the writing, and no....I wasn't hypnotized to do so!
I first learned of Ken from his "Awaken the Bay" commercials back in '09. I had been a smoker for 30 years, smoking two packs a day and I was ready to do something. I had already tried willpower, gum, the patch, and I knew I wasn't interested in a drug with suicidal thoughts as a side effect. I was pretty skeptical about hypnosis, so I listened and researched, and sat on the fence for three long years.

I kept looking for a negative review or bad BBB rating. After getting married in 2011, on my first anniversary I decided to get serious about my commitment. For a present to my wife on our first anniversary, I booked a couples session with Ken in May of last year. I am proud to say that we are coming up on one year smoke-free together, and looking forward to a longer healthier life together thanks to Ken and the Bay Area Non Smoking Center.  Ken I'm sorry I doubted you, you are the real deal!

Ted W
Livermore, CA.


Only 5 stars for Ken Guzzo! Been a non smoker for almost 2 years now. I was a pack a day smoker for over 16 years. After having a baby and starting right back up after her birth, my husband and I decided we needed a change. We quit smoking and almost killed each other from the withdrawals. Started back up and called Ken. Not a day goes by that I don't credit him for my health. I need to be around to raises my children and damn straight I want to be here for the grand babies! Thank you Ken Guzzo for giving us our life back! We will be calling soon for our weight loss visit!

Mandy M.
San Jose, CA.



I smoked a pack a day for 18 years. I started smoking when i was 12 years old. I have tried to quit all through my 20's and I could not succeed. I just couldn't get over the hump...

I haven't smoked for about a year and a half.  I can be around smokers and not care. I no longer carry a lighter or get stressed and all that stuff.  I don't smell bad I have now nothing to hide or be ashamed of.

I can remember being ashamed of my smell, breath I hated when my lighter slipped out of my pocket in the car. So much stress came because of smoking..

I AM FREEEEE!   AMAZING!  I thought I was losing a friend but really I gained freedom. I can run and have clarity of mind. My confidence has gone up!

Check this out:  In my pocket:
Wallet, Keys, Phone and, and...... nothing else! Woohoooo

I tried patches and all that stuff it didn't do anything 4 me. I went to Ken honestly I had to do it 3 times.. But after the   
third time I never looked back..

                                I AM A FREE PERSON! YOU SHOULD BE TOO... Good LUCK and TRUST KEN!!!

                                   Kudeep S.
                                   Alviso, CA.


I was a pack a day smoker who had tried to quit smoking for  years.  Finally, I saw Ken's commercial after the 9:00 news one night.  I researched him on the Web and tried to find something to discredit him so I wouldn't do it.  Having found nothing I made the appointment and went in on 12/16/11.  I admit I was skeptical, but I went with it and I left after an hour smoke free. I expected it to be much harder than it was.  All my normal triggers to smoke just didn't exist anymore. 

Leaving his office, I would have normally fired up a cigarette in the car. Nope not anymore. Went out to dinner, expecting an after dinner cigarette, again nothing.  I was amazed that I just didn't want a cigarette. There were no withdrawal symptoms, no edginess, no crabbiness....nothing!  My co-workers were amazed that I had quit smoking and they didn't have to run for cover. :-)

It's now been 8 months and 22 days and I am still smoke free.  I owe Ken for giving me my life back.  All I can say is try it, if your serious about quitting, you can't go wrong with the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center.
                                   K a B
                                   Hayward, CA.

9/11/2012 on

I started smoking in high school, back in the 80's and now I am 45 years old.   During all these years I have spent lots of money and tried various methods/products to help me quit smoking, but nothing helped.

I contemplated hiring a chopper to drop me off in a wilderness area at least 400 miles away from any civilization with a backpack and survival kit to put myself far away from civilization where cigarettes are sold.  It would have taken me at least for month to trek my way back to civilization and during that month, I break the darn habit.

This past May, while on vacation in Jamaica I searched the web again and somehow I came across hypnotherapy and read that it has helped many people kick the habit, and that the success rate is over 90%.  Up on returning home in the Bay Area, I looked for practitioners locally and found Ken.  Although I was quite skeptical, since so many other attempts had failed, I thought I blow some more money on this and if it did not help, try the wilderness in August.

I went and saw Ken in early June, and he explained that he will work with my subconscious and try to put it back to where it was before I started smoking.  The session was only 2 hours, 1 hour of watching a video and 1 hour of hypnotherapy.  Somehow it worked.  I have not smoked sense then (over 2 months as of this review).  Finally I am free and I can't believe it.

Why I could not quit all this time?  Well, whenever I went without cigarettes for longer than a couple of hours, like flying to the east coast, I would feel like I had lost something and could not focus on work or anything else.  Once, I almost caused myself to get arrested as I was trying to smoke on board a flight from Buenos Aires to Chicago, as it was a very long flight, over 16 hours.  I asked one of the stewards how much the fine was for smoking in the lavatory, thinking if it was under $100, I would smoke one and pay the fine, but he explained that I will be arrested on arrival.

After the therapy with Ken, I don't get that feeling and I can hang out with friends who drink and smoke without any triggers.  It feels like I have never smoked in my life.  I don't miss it.

Thank you so much Ken.
Erin N.
Alameda, CA.


This review is for Ken's weight release program. I love that I'm releasing weight instead of losing it! As Ken said what you lose you can find - but if you release it! Well bye bye excess weight. My honey and I are doing this program as a couple. We started 3 weeks before Christmas because I thought I cannot go through another holiday season and gain 7-10 pounds like I normally do. I felt like I had to do something and I didn't want to actually have to go through surgery to be able to change my eating habits. I have no regrets about starting this program.

So far we've been under Ken's care for 4 weeks. I've lost 10 pounds (and that was over the holidays) and my honey has lost 19 (men always lose faster than women that's just the way it is). We are both so happy to be feeling full when we eat about a  of what we would normally eat at a meal. I have to tell you that we're both food hounds, and that hasn't changed - only the size of the meal has changed. I now go out to lunch and eat until I'm full and have enough food left for 2 more meals. It's amazing!

I would also like to mention that I feel like there's no way that I cannot be successful, because Ken really cares about us being successful. I know that following the program will allow us next year to be at our goal weight. Just 2 pounds    
a week will be 100 in a year. Perfect!

Sharon T.
El Sobrante, CA    

11/1/2011 on

I think I started smoking in the womb well simply because my mother smoked while she was pregnant and then I was subjected to second hand smoke growing up. I picked up my first cig around 11 or 12 because it was a cool n grown up thing to do; way cooler than those baby candy cigs.  I started in foster homes and group homes around that time and was allowed to smoke. At that time cig machines were by the restrooms in every Dennys type restaurant for the easy to acquire couch-change price of sixty-five cents. Up until then thankfully most of my childhood was on a ranch w/amazing food and lots of exercise n sunshine.

I managed to quit smoking for a couple of years twice w/the pregnancy and breastfeeding of both of my children and a ridiculous amount of times since then.  I struggled horribly inside desperately wanting to be rid of this smelly addiction that soo wasnt me and who I was as a person. Trying to seek out help and not finding any for smokers I turned to Alcoholics Anonymous and accompanied an aunt to meetings for a while and thought addiction was addiction whatever the substance. I used to say that I wish I had a different kind of addiction because then at least Id be able to find help.  What I learned at the Bay Area Non Smoking Center has saved my life.

I am so very thankful to Dr Lenoir http://www.drlenoir.com for having Ken on his radio program as a guest that I have to include his website. Dr Lenoir regularly delivers high quality helpful health information you can trust.  Ken most definitely is in this category and what Ive gained from the time Ive spent w/Ken at the Bay Area Non Smoking Center is valuable beyond words.

Non Smoking is right! Right off the bat I could tell the "pull" to smoke not only didn't happen as frequently but was so slight n micro brief that it was totally doable n easy to ignore.  Also, in the past I could tell you how many days it had been since my last cig but I noticed right away that I couldn't remember and have to pause to even come up w/an approximate time frame. Which I think to be May or March not sure though but what I do know is that I don't smoke. I'm not gonna lie, I feel secure knowing that I have a life time guarantee; such huge value.

I soo appreciate Ken and his work; you can really tell that he cares about smokers and their well being. Ive seen his website offer 50% off to firefighters and police officers as well as YOUTH!! This is a business that is delivering an incredible service to our community and the world really.

5 stars hands down hehe hands up yeeee yelp yelp

Who Cares
San Francisco, CA.

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                                         8/19/2011 on 

I smoked for 20 years, starting when I was 12 years old.  I had tried quitting multiple ways; cold turkey, patches,
gum, Chantix, Wellbutrin and the longest that I went was once for 3 months.  I was desperate to try anything.  So I thought maybe hypnosis.  Wasn't sure that something like hypnosis would work for me but it was worth a try.

I was a serious smoker.  I would panic if I knew I had to go longer than an hour without one.  I would leave the movie theater in the middle of a movie, just to have one.  Yes I was a dedicated smoker.  But I didn't want to live like this anymore.  I didn't want to be a prisoner any longer.  I have a child to live for and wanted to set a good example.

So I contacted Ken and made an appt.  The money was hard to let go of because it was expensive for me.  But I knew it was that important.  I went to my appt and we had our session.  Unfortunately, it didn't take the first time.  Which doesn't surprise me due to the ties I had with it.  It took some time to get over another failed attempt to quit smoking.

Six months or so later, I went back for my lifetime guarantee session.  And walked away a non-smoker.  It was still a little hard for me and I had some challenges but I knew there was a switch that had been flipped.  The cravings weren't there like before.  I celebrate one year being a non-smoker next month and I've made my money from the session back in 3 months of not buying cigarettes.  I couldn't be more grateful to Ken for giving me
                                         my life back.

                                          Heidi C.
                                         Newark, CA.


I walked into the center not truly believing that i was going to leave a non smoker, but it worked  and i have not looked at a pack of cigarettes since.  not a second of desire has entered my mind.  i am still blown away.  
i had been hypnotized 2 times in my life, for medical reasons,   i knew i would have no problem with that part of the session.
Ken told me of his 95 % success rate. that i would walk out of his office, after one session, a non smoker. after 20 years,  i finally decided that i had it.  this would be my 1st attempt to become a non smoker.
Ken breaks it all down for you, just why it is you smoke, why the other means of quitting just don't work.
i have not had one second of craving or the overwhelming need to light up.  i look forward to seeing Ken, in the near future, to lose the 15lbs i gained after losing my job,3 years ago.  i know, without a doubt, after a few sessions, i will be15 lbs lighter. Ken's work gives you a healthier future.  
my advice, walk to your phone, after reading all these 5 star reviews, call  Ken, you will be eternally thankful!

Janet F
San Ramon, CA

8/2/2011 on   

It's been over a year and I still don't smoke and I don't want too!!!! I smoked for over 40 years of my life...
Thank you Ken

Jann K

Inland Empire, CA


Absolutely my BEST decision, EVER!! make it yours. – At the age of 53yrs, I, just had my first baby girl, and I knew then, that I had to find a way to really quit! No more New Year Eve smoking and drinking.  I have something much more important to live for.  Thank you Ken! 

Larry Schmidt
San Jose, CA.
Smoke-Free since 10/30/2009

8/19/2011 on 

Wow! I found out about the work Ken does with smokers and wondered if it would work for other issues. I'm not a smoker but I have struggled for years with emotional responses to "triggers" that I wish I could be done with forever.  Well, I went to Ken for his new Stress Relief session and I discovered the amazing results I'd hoped for, but didn't know were possible.

During the session, Ken asked me if there was an issue I wanted to clear for good. I immediately thought about my relationship with my ex husband and my deep desire for healing in that relationship. In less than an hour, I was no longer reacting to this person/situation I had been troubled by for years. And it's just like the smokers report, I don't even have a twinge of resentment, anger or fear regarding the issue I dropped during this session!

Ken is an incredible facilitator for transformation - anyone who desires to transform their life would be well-served to seek out Ken's professional and masterful assistance. The Stress Relief session was better than a massage, and the blissful state of clarity and relaxation, lasted all day and then some. I give my highest  recommendation for this amazing opportunity for healing and empowerment! Try it out and be amazed.

Laura C.
Berkeley, CA.

6/19/2011 on 

I was 51 years old and had smoked for over 30 years when I quit smoking.  I have been smoke free for 2 years and 3 months.  I have not had a craving for a cigarette since I left Kens office when I quit.  I had tried just about everything to quit smoking, gum, patches, other hypnosis programs, a cold laser treatment, and Kaisers program 3 times.  I had some success but always went back to smoking.  

I have been drug and alcohol free for 19 years but this addiction was to much for me to quit.  I felt helpless to cigarettes.  I had given up hope of quitting.  I believed cigarettes were going to kill me.  I was desperate to quit and willing to try anything.  I did not want to die a smoking related death.

I had heard Ken's ads on the radio for months when I finally called.  We talked for a few minutes and he told me that he had a 95% success rate and if I smoked again he would treat me for free.  This sounded to good to be true. What kind of fool did he think I was?  I was so desperate that I made an appointment.

When I met Ken he explained how and why his program worked and why it was different than other programs. Then he hypnotized me. I walked out of his office about 90 minutes later.  I have been smoke free and never
had a craving in the 2+ years.  

If you are serious about quitting nicotine this works.  CALL KEN NOW!               video in production
Steve E.
Sonoma, CA.

5/23/11 on  for tobacco chewing

I am the worlds biggest skeptic, and roughly feel hypnotism is a branch of voodoo... BUT, apparently it still works even on non-believers like me! Tobacco free for a year...

Quinton Jones,
San Francisco, CA.

5/14/2011 on 

I was a smoker for close to 50 years of my life. I found that quitting smoking using Ken's techniques was the easiest, most effective method around. I have tried them all, acupuncture, gum, patches, other types of hypnosis, "cold turkey... seriously injured and/or maimed family!", Zyban, Wellburton, Chantriz over the years. I AM a non-smoker because of Ken and no other reason.

Susan M.                                                                                 video in production 
Folsom, CA

5/11/2011 on 

At the age of 53yrs, I, just had my first baby girl, and I new then, that I had to find a way to really quit! No more New Years resolution, that ended in me smoking plus or minus a pack in the last hour till midnight. Believe it or not, this occurred more than once in the 35+ yrs of smoking 2 packs a day. I Always felt that incarceration in jail had merit, Hee Hee. Anyway, through prayer's for help, came an ad with Ken Guzzo(Bay area non-smoking center) But this time I had something to loose,my desire for nicotine. 

After our session with Ken, I have not had one , NOT ONE moment where I desired or wanted Tobacco. It's now been over 18 months, my wind is back and my confidence of a longer presence on this earth is back.  We all, who have smoked for any amount of time, know all to well what failure is in trying to quit this habit. And in that,  we should be aware that systems using placebos or patches or gums, are truly designed to fail. Ken Guzzo's system has your best chance to kick this crappy habit. I'm truly proof of it and I have bet my daughter's life on it!

Larry S
                                San Jose, CA.

5/1/2011 on 

I began my latest attempt to quit smoking this past December.  I studied and scrutinized my approach - keeping in mind all the failed attempts of the past.  I really, really wanted to be successful this time.  I wanted to be free of my desire to smoke, and knew I had to do something different this time.
In the spirit of something new, I decided to reach out beyond myself for help and began attending nicotine anonymous meetings.  I found these meetings very helpful, as it was a way to address my desire to quit every week.  In this process, I eventually geared up to start the nicotine-replacement 90-day program.  In the first month of the program, I cheated (smoked) with increasing frequency.  In my desperation to stay on course, I looked for more help.

In an online search, I found the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center.  I loved the title and couldn't believe a business like this existed, and that I had never heard of it!  The testimonials were outrageous, "too good to be true".  It seemed a little like "hocus-pocus", but at this point (April) I just wanted to be done with smoking!  I continued to survey the website and testimonials, and I had a friend (also a fellow smoker) check out the site and make sure I wasn't crazy to consider something like this.  When she came back with a thumbs up, and a scheduled appointment for herself, I was 100% on-board - crazy or not, hocus-pocus or not, I was doing it!

In fact, my friend and I decided to share this appointment and quit together.  It has now been 20 days since I officially became a non-smoker!!! 

In my case, I did feel like I had to make some effort to stay on this path, especially initially.  However, Ken was amazingly reassuring - explaining that for a small percentage, this is normal and not an issue.  I could remain a non-smoker despite some echoes of my past behavior.  He even did an extra process on me to make me (as he called it) bulletproof.  I really appreciate his professionalism, optimism, and compassion.  I must say, this past month of my new smoke-free self has elated me many times over!!!  

In the end, I did have to reach out beyond myself to find a successful way to quit smoking.  I appreciate the help I received from Ken and the lifetime guaranteed process he offers to anyone who dares to be smoke free!!!

Jennifer S
Alameda, CA.

4/25/2011 on 

My wife and I went in a few days ago and were treated as a couple. Our first thought was "this is too good to be true" as it has a 95% success rate. Well, let me tell you, Ken is the real deal! We've both smoked for over 20 years, were up to two packs a day at times and Ken cured us of the habit. We tried everything to quit (gum, patch, cold turkey) and they didn't work. Ken explains why those"quit smoking aids" aren't very effective. He identifies the real reason you smoke and how to combat it. The session was so relaxing and when it was done, we had no urge to smoke! NONE! If you're ready to quit, Ken is the guy to call, you won't be sorry. His treatment is worth every penny! After a few months as a non smoker, you've made the money back anyhow, it's a win win.

Johny & Mandy M
San Jose, CA.

4/22/2011 on 
  (for Chewing Tobacco)

For years, my dentist has ,on a semi annual basis, put the fear of God into me over my 35 year history of using chewing tobacco.  My brand was Copenhagen and I routinely used a can or more per day.  In terms of nicotine content (and other carcinogenic substances) it was the the most potent I could find.

My teeth and gums were in pretty poor shape to say the least.  That was almost a year ago.  One visit with Ken and with a couple of days of minor withdrawal, that habit was a thing of the past.  Today, the inside of my mouth has completely healed, my teeth are whiter, I have much better energy and the specter of oral cancer a dim probability.

The thing that Ken does that is so powerful,  is to get your mind, body and subconscious mind all working together to expose the false hood that tobacco is cool and pleasurable.  In fact, it is nothing more than a health wrecking  habit that leaves you poorer financially, physically and mentally.

Thanks to the technique Ken has developed and the mastery in which he employs it, my life is much improved. 
Best to you Ken !

Butch K
                                                                    Big Sur, CA

4/22/2011 on 

After smoking at least 16 cigarettes a day for 7 years, I saw Ken and was able to quit in just one hour. That was five years ago! I recommend him to all my friends who smoke, and of those friends who have taken my advice, they too were able to successfully give up the habit in just one hour. Seeing Ken was one of the best decisions of my life. I only wish I'd done it sooner. I give him my highest recommendation and I congratulate anyone who is ready to make the call and give up the burden of smoking.

Meredyth M
San Francisco, CA

4/18/2011 on 

We are almost at the 2 1/2 year mark!! Feels great!!  We are so happy at how easy this whole process was.  We actually didn't even realize it had been so long since we stopped smoking.  We feel as though we never did smoke.  It's kind of funny, we see people on the street with a cigarette in their hand and it looks so silly and animated.  Honestly, we can't believe we ever thought smoking was anything other than a gross habit!!  Thank you so much for offering this amazing chance to 'kick the habit'! Of all the things we have tried before to stop smoking, only you were able to help us.  We have never even had the urge to pick up a cigarette.  Pretty cool!

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Michele & Curtis C
Willits, CA.

4/17/2011 on 

My story is familiar as I was"that guy" that tried everything to stop smoking cigarettes. You wake up one day and ask yourself wt* am I doing?!? Then, when you finally get real and finally stop making excuses you invest in yourself like I did to just END IT!  That is what Ken helps with. He does not make you do anything you are not ready to do, he simply enables you with the tools you already have to hard wire yourself to be the non smoker you want to be. The real magic is; it works, it doesn't hurt and it is legal. It is a little pricey yes.. but the cost simply pales when compared to the benefit(s).

Ken is a straight shooter, no BS professional. What you see is what you get. The trash can of discarded cigarette packs at the door is classic - like the 'dogs playing poker picture' wives make new husbands trash after the honeymoon, but the brimming trash can of discarded smokes (by the pack) is POWERFUL and an in-your-face YOU CAN DO THIS reality check - and that's just one step in the office door. The real magic is the result. It is in you, Ken simply helps you bring it out with his disarming honesty & skilled mastery of his tool-chest..He should be consulted with curing cancer at Johns Hopkins or Stanford or something. Keep it up Ken. Cheers!

John Christos Koulouris / Chris
                                                                  Video in production
Mountain View, CA


4/15/2011 on  

If you want to QUIT this guy is LEGIT. My wife and I quit smoking on 3-17-09 that's more than 2 years ago. Ken Guzzo provided us the pain free way of doing it. I had quit in the past but it was complete misery the State of the Art process Ken uses is superb! We literally had zero cravings and to this day have no desire to smoke. My wife and I have referred family friends and strangers and we are glad to say this process has worked for them too!! This is the real deal I am living healthy proof. Take the step that will lead you to breathing easier and saving your hard earned money too! Join my wife and I as Non Smokers for life...Thanks Ken..

Jeff & Corina B
Fairfield, CA

4/15/2011 on 

My daughter, who was wanting to quit smoking because she hated it on so many levels, stumbled across Bay Area Non-Smoking Center and was eager to give hypnosis a try. Although she had stopped on several occasions, vowing never to smoke again, she would start back up only after a few days of quitting.

As we entered the building, she was so nervous, snappy and filled with complaints about how badly she needed a cigarette, while communicating her fear about failing.

I sat with her while she watched a video and we were both surprised, no, blown away, by the things we learned.  She then went with Ken to complete the process. About an hour later, Natalie walked out of the room with a smile and a sense of complete relaxation and said "Mom, I'm a non-smoker. Can you believe it?"  Thrilled by this
was an understatement.

Well, though i was excited, i was a bit skeptical wondering if it would last when she went back to school and the stresses and triggers that i knew would follow. That was three months ago and she does not even remember what it was like to be a smoker. More times than i  can count she has shared with me the joys of being a non-smoker that are too numerous to count.

As a result of this experience, my sister, a smoker for over 30 years, has an appointment with Ken and I am confidant she will be a non-smoker after walking out of his office. 

If you really want to quit smoking, this is the way to go.

Laurie P for Natalie P
                                        San Ramon, CA

4/13/2011 on 

Ken is the man! I have been a smoker for 20 plus years. I walked out of Ken's office and have been smoke free for 3 plus months now. The amazing thing is I don't have any cravings. If you really want to quit and need help, his program will work. Thanks Ken!

Chef Todd N

Owner of Bistro Liaison
Berkeley, CA

4/12/2011 on   

Amazing! I tried everything you can think of and was a smoker for over 20 years. Ken's technique worked for me. What else can I say? It's the only thing that worked for me and I feel blessed every day to be free of the habit. Totally blessed. There is nothing worse you can do to your body every day and there is nothing better than being free of the addiction. Thank you Ken!

Jamison O
San Francisco, CA

4/11/2011 on  

I had tried everything in the past to quit smoking, patches, pills, gum, "cold turkey" even hypnosis. I had smoked for 38 years. After my session with Ken I left his office thinking there had to be more to it. How is this going to work? It seemed way too easy. But guess what? It worked! No cravings, none! It is amazing! I am finally free from cigarettes and loving it.  Even being around smokers does not make me want a cigarette. If you want to quit, I recommend the Bay Area Nonsmoking Center, it works! It is incredible!

Kriss B
Redwood Valley, CA 

                                                       4/9/2011 on 

My dad was a smoker for 40 years.  I tried everything I could to guilt him to quit.  Finally telling him that his future grand kids would be petrified of him breathing from a hole in his throat.

He tried many times to quit but never succeeded.  He finally heard Ken's ad on the radio and
decided to try his service out.  The meeting lasted about an hour.  After he got out, in his words- 'he truly forgot that he was ever a smoker'.  He never had another craving and was not  bothered for a minute.

We're so happy that he quit. And it was really easy and even three years later my dad still raves about it.  All the pills and patches were a waste.  This was the easiest and most guaranteed way he's seen to quit.  Very, very, very highly recommended.   

Tal M for Moty M
Co-Owner of
Lite Line Illuminations                                                        watch video
Los Carlos, CA.

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4/10/2011 on  

On December 7, 2009 after 30 years of smoking and being a slave to cigarettes, I quit in one day. In little over an hour with NO cravings, NO withdrawal symptoms and NO desire to ever do it again.  I owe Ken Guzzo and the Bay Area Non Smoking Center a debt of gratitude forever for making this the easiest and smartest thing I ever did.

Thank you!

Wayne Coy                                                                                       watch video
Morning Host

4/10/2011 on

If I could give Ken 10 stars I would.  I had been smoking over a pack a day for 39 years.  During that time, I tried many times to quit.  I finally just gave in and figured "it is what it is - I can't quit." But after my mom lost her life to lung cancer 4 years ago, I was determined to quit again.  But just as before, everything I tried failed.  Again, I gave up on quitting.

I heard about Ken on the radio and figured I had nothing to lose, so I made my appointment.  That was President's Day 2010.  I have never even thought about having another cigarette since 1:30 that afternoon.  No cravings, no withdrawals, no nothing - it was like I never smoked to begin with.  I KNOW first hand how terrible it is to try to quit, believe me.  This was, without a doubt, the easiest thing I've ever done in my life.  

Sometimes, I still can't believe it.  I really never thought I would live to see the day that I was a non-smoker.  But I did and couldn't be happier or healthier.

I would highly recommend Ken if you or someone you know wants to quit smoking.  You have nothing to lose, and years of your life to gain.

Stacey M
San Ramon, CA

4/10/2011 on 

I worked with Ken at a time when I was not sure change was even possible.

Ken's is passionate about improving quality of life. Without a doubt I would recommend working with him. It just may change your life as it did mine.

Daniel O.
San Francisco, CA.

4/10/2011 on 

On December 7, 2009 after 30 years of smoking and being a slave to cigarettes, I quit in one day. In little over an hour with NO cravings, NO withdrawl symptoms and NO desire to ever do it again.

I owe Ken Guzzo and the Bay Area Non Smoking Center a debt of gratitude forever for making this the easiest and smartest thing I ever did.

Thank you!

San Ramon, CA.

4/7/11 on 

I highly recommend this place for those of you who are smokers, Ken helped me save hundreds of dollars and years of life.  I honestly do not think I could quit without his help.  He doesn't use magician gimmicks and no hocus pocus he takes the time to explain his methods and why they work, and gives you real case studies where they have succeeded.  His warm nature and the soothing atmosphere made this a positive experience that I would recommend to anyone out there.   I will not smoke again for the rest of my life +1 thanks Ken :)

Adam M
Newark, CA

My Dentist and long time friend referred me to Ken at the Bay Area Non Smoking Center.  I had smoked for 50 years plus, and had tried everything.  I was taking Chantex and was having terrible nightmares, and still smoking!  Ken said he could knock this thing out in one session, so I came in.

I was apprehensive.  I didn't think I could be hypnotized.  It was an amazing, relaxing experience.  Apparently it worked, because I haven't even wanted a cigarette since that day.  Ken is a hell-of-a nice guy too!

John P                      (smoke-free since November 27, 2009)

Incline Village, NV

                                            Hi Ken,

I just wanted to say thank you . . . thank you . . . thank you! I went to your office yesterday at 1pm to receive a hypnotherapy session for smoking.  It has been 24 hours. . . which are usually the toughest. . . and I have been completely smoke free! 

It is the most wonderful experience in the world!  I knew from past times of quitting that the first 24 hours are torment.  I prepared for that but I am completely amazed that I have not had a craving or a withdrawal symptom.  It is like smoking is a non issue.  Its like I never smoked.  I know that you told me that yesterday and I read that from testimonials on the website, but it just seemed too good to be true.  How could one not have a craving or withdrawal symptom???  Then it was virtually effortless!  Thank you again!   It was worth every dollar spent!   I will check in again in a few days to give you another update!  
Devora M         (smoke-free since November 18, 2009)    watch video
                                            San Jose, CA

Ken,  I am almost 6 months SMOKE FREE and so glad to be alive!  Since I left your office, I have not wanted to smoke a cigarette.  I had a few occasions (e.g. when my daughter was in labor) when I thought "This is when I would usually smoke," but I had no desire to smoke. I am a non-smoker and I will be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!

My wife and I are so grateful for your help.  After smoking for 40 years,  I am so glad to be a non-smoker.  Everything you said to me about quitting smoking, how I would feel, how there would be no withdrawal symptoms, how my body would heal itself, and the benefits of hypnosis were accurate.  I only wish I had seen you sooner. 

With deepest gratitude,

Kelly and Charlene Carter       (smoke-free since January 8, 2009            watch video
                                San Jose, CA

I smoked a pack a day for over 20 years.  I tried everything to quit.  Nothing worked.  I came in to the non-smoking center.  An hour and a half later, I was a non-smoker. no cravings. It was awesome!

Ken helped me feel at ease from the minute I saw him out front.  He got to know me.  He asked about my triggers for smoking.  He educated me.  I thought I understood about smoking.  I was wrong!  The insights I learned were powerful.

The process was enlightening, easy, and fun.  I will never smoke again.

Jeff D                                    (smoke-free since October 17, 2008)                               watch video
San Francisco, CA.

Amie M                                (smoke-free since February 20, 2008)                               watch video
San Jose, CA.

Johnny W                             (smoke-free since July 3, 2007)                            video in production
San Francisco, CA.

Bill E.                                     (smoke-free since June 13, 2008)                                 watch video
San Jose, CA

I feel free at last from this terrible habit.  I am now a positive example to others.  The process was easy and comforting.  I am a nonsmoker and will be a non smoker for the rest of my life!

Claudia C                             (smoke-free since October 19, 2007)                video in Production
Oakland, CA.


Well, so far so good.  I know it’s been a short time but I am doing well so far.

I teased my husband this morning.   I said,  “Well, I only had one cigarette this morning and he was so upset.  But then I told him, “No,  I was just kidding!”

Ken, you are a  very nice man but I hope I never have to see you again.
(You know what I mean-  the smoking)  
God bless you and keep up the good work.

Jeri Flynn                                                (smoke-free since December 29, 2010)

Hi Ken,

April 9th seems like so long ago, but every time I say that date it is with the utmost pride and satisfaction.  Shortly after my visit with you, I challenged myself by going to Las Vegas for a business trip on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Once I returned “unscathed”, I knew I had beat the cigarettes.  Then, in the middle of May I challenged myself again by running my first Bay to Breakers, and finishing the 7.5 miles in just under an hour and fifteen minutes.  In July, the third challenge presented itself when I went to Madrid for my cousin’s wedding.  It’s amazing how many people smoke over there.  Despite the fact that I gave in and smoked a cigar at the wedding reception with my new cousin-in-law, I began the next day anew and without a single thought of going back to smoking cigarettes.  Although there has been the occasional craving, I can say unequivocally that there was NEVER a point in time where I was out-of-my-mind.  I never had that experience where the cravings were too much to handle.  As I look back, it just makes me laugh at how easy it has been to NOT SMOKE.

This email is just a note to say thanks.  I know you made it clear that it is ME that wants to quit; ME that decides to quit; and ME that continues to be a non-smoker.  However, I must say that without your help and guidance, I may still be in the vicious cycle of smoking a pack a day.   Thanks again,

                                        Nate W.  (smoke-free since April 9th, 2010)

Ken,    (April 19th, 2008 and not an urge.  Thank you!)

Just a quick update that I have been a successful graduate from your session...I discussed with my Asthma Clinic RN at Santa Rosa Kaiser and she is very impressed with my results with you...Thanks Ken and Best Wishes for the Holidays...I am a Merry Christmas person...so "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year"...

John Schlesiger                (Smoke-free since April 19, 2008)           


Hi Ken,

Hope all is well.  It has been over one year now since my visit with you and I am still a non-smoker.  I have a cousin that wants to stop smoking.  His situation is almost identical to mine and so I will forward him your information.  His name is Eric and cell number is 415-------.  He is waiting your contact. 


Dan S                           (smoke-free since November 16, 2009)

A Craigslist Connection!


Vince L here, quit date June 15, 2009, 11AM.  For the longest time I've tried to get anyone that asked get the help you gave me and finally it appears I my have been successful.  A couple three weeks back a person unknown to me had posted on craigslist asking if anyone knew anything about using hypnosis to quit tobacco and I sure gave them the info they needed about you ASAP and the link to your site.  See messages below.

It looks like you may have helped "Beatrice" kick the habit.  I have no idea who she is but I told her I'd let you know I referred her. Funny how of all the actual friends, acquaintances & contacts I have not one took the step and it ended up being a total stranger I helped, that's even a bit more rewarding for me.

 Paying it forward and many thanks,

 Vince L                                 (smoke-free since June 15, 2009)

Lucky Girl to me

how details 12/24/10 (10 days ago)

I saw Ken on Tuesday and I can honestly say I was freed from smoking.  I am glad I called.
He also wanted to thank you for the referral, but I told him I didn't know your name.
Thank you.....you made my Christmas.  Have a wonderful new year.

Beatrice                               (smoke-free since December 12, 2010)



Do you understand that this works?

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Carpal Tunnel Scroll Finger Imminent!!!

Hi Ken,

Hey I am really sorry I haven't contacted you sooner - life has just been going faster than I really have time.
Anyway, to follow up on my appointment on Apr 28th - I am very HAPPY to say that I have not had not
even a one - nasty cigarette!!!  It has now been a month.

I know the one thing I was really concerned with were my TRIGGERS that were my excuse to smoke - especially when I really felt stressed.    Well it seems the Universe has tested me with everything she has when it comes to stress and I have made it through with flying colors!! 

I am amazed everyday in how this process has finally given me emotional freedom from that nasty addiction.  I feel like I have never smoked before in my life - it is amazing! 

Thanks Ken - this process is truly amazing and it is the best money ever spent.
In Peace, Love and Joy always,

Wendy P                                           (smoke-free since April 28, 2010)            Video in production

Hi Ken,
Thanks for your beautifully written encouraging  card. It is hard to believe that tomorrow at 11 o'clock it will be two weeks I haven't touched a cigarette.  What amazes me is that this has been so effortless which makes me feel as if I'm cheating.   The wonderful thing is that every time the thought  of cigarettes enter my mind, I'm able to push it in the background sort of like a distant memory.

Thanks again Ken, I wish that all smokers would know how simple this problem can be dealt with.  You can be sure that I will be you advocate whenever I run into smokers.
Take care of yourself-there are a lot of people out there that need your care.

                      Smoke-free since April 4, 2008      watch video


I just wanted to thank you again for your help. I feel sooooo good not smoking! I haven't had any of the cravings or jumpiness or irritability!!!! YAY!!! And I have a ton of new found self-esteem because I feel strong and good about myself for the first time in a long time!!!! Your system is amazing. I gave a friend your number. She seemed interested. Hopefully she will give you a call. 
                                   Thanks again,                                         Brittany 

PS: I even went to a bar last night and drank and didn't want to smoke!!! And I could smell people smoking outside. I know you're not surprised by this, but I am really excited. (If you couldn't tell) :>

                    Smoke-free since May 2, 2008

HEY!!!  I wanted to drop you a note to tell you that after my session, It is as you said.  I am free!!!  I have not had one craving for a cigarette.  Hard to believe after 20 years x 20 a day.  I would not believe it if it was not a personal experience.  Thank you so very much.

John S.
Owner of Bubba's Diner & Marin Pasta Works

Marin, CA                                                                                                          watch video 

                                                        (Smoke-free since May 15, 2008)

Hi Ken!

Hey Bud, I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for  the encouraging cards I continue to receive from you.   It has been 90+ days now and I am indeed smoke free to date.  I love that I am a non-smoker!

Ron Thatcher, non-smoker!  Thanks again!

Dental X-Ray Technician
Walnut Creek, CA.

(Smoke-free since February 7, 2008)                                                                   watch video

Hi Ken,

All is well.  I came to see you to stop chewing a year ago, and still not a craving.  I am free and eternally grateful.  Thank you for the great work that you do.

(Chew-free since April 1, 2008)
   San Ramon, CA.

i Ken  Yes, I am still a non-smoker and that’s completely unbelievable to me, considering that I have been addicted to nicotine for all but 14 years of my life and have never made it past 24 hours without caving in previously! When I first became a non-smoker (February 21. 2008), I can’t deny that there was one time that I almost made it to the front door to go and buy cigarettes. Fortunately, by the time I reach the door,  I would decide by the time that I really didn’t need to buy cigarettes after all and I could wait awhile.

Thank you so much for your help. I can’t begin to tell you how successful you were in dealing with a committed addict such as myself!

Susan Meredith              (Smoke-free since February 21, 2008)                      video in production

Ken,    How on earth can I thank you enough??? As I write this to you, there are “thank you’s” floating around your computer and your office!!!!!!!!   Its been nearly a year and I am a non smoker!! I came to your office on November 12, 2007 with so much doubt, and money in hand. I had three empty packs of Marlboro Reds and a half full pack waiting for me in the car, at the end of my session. 

I must admit to you that there was a part of me that was very skeptical (call it human nature, call it my mind perhaps thinking it was not ready to quit smoking) As a former smoker, I can tell anyone who is thinking about using your service one of the most cliché terms used of all time, “If I can become a non smoker, then, so can you”! I know it sounds incredibly cliché, but I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. “If I can quit, so can you”!!!!!!!!   

I came to Ken at the start of the holiday season (if a smoker is reading this now, they might be thinking, “damn, holiday season, that means cocktails at holiday parties” Before November 12th, 2007, I could not imagine having a cocktail without the obligatory smoke in the other hand. I will not go into detail of each one of my situations and opportunities to smoke at these parties. However, I can tell you this, on at least ten different occasions I was surrounded by smokers and literally smoke actually being blown towards me, and I did not even have the slightest urge to “light one up”. As a matter of fact, I actually felt sorry for the folks around me who were smoking. I am not the “evangelical” type but when anyone one of my smoking friends would ask, “how in the hell??? Of all the people I know who smoke, you, by far smoked more than anyone I know!!!!”  “How on earth did you quit??” I eagerly pull out my red card and show them and tell them about how coming to see Ken Guzzo on November 12, 2007 was one of the greatest days of my life.

If anyone out there is “on the fence” about coming to see you, please give them my contact information. I am not one to try and convince someone to do something they truly do not want to do. But, as a “former smoker” I might be able to put myself back in my own shoes on November 11, 2007 and answer any questions they may have!!!!  

 Ken, how can I thank you enough??? Thank you so very much!   


Hi Ken-

I’m not sure the day when I did it- sometime in September last year, but still smoke free going on like 6 months. I forget some times that I ever smoked after 35 years of smoking.

I have highly recommended you to EVERYONE that has remarked that “hey when did you quit?” I tell them about you and give them the number that I carry in my wallet. I don’t know if any have come to see you but it hasn’t been for lack of my recommendation.

Keep doing what you are doing; it really worked for me!


                                         Steve R                     (Smoke-free since September 14, 2009)
                                         Vacaville, CA

Well Ken, looks like 20 months and counting away without even one drag off a cancer

stick. I have an old friend who will be contacting you soon, like Kristine from my job who

saw you also, he desperately wants to rid himself of the nasty habit. We will contact you soon.

Later Paul & Janie            (smoke-free since June 11, 2008)
Richmond, CA




A Year Smoke-Fee!

I'm living proof it works. Thank You. I'd like to get my wife in to see you.

Thanks Again,

Jim Thomas                        (smoke-free since December 7, 2007)
Pinole, CA.


I'm doing well, a non-smoker for the rest of my life  :-)  and processing some of the stuff I'd been denying for so long. Yeah, those images are well-ingrained. Thank you for that... it hurts, but thank you. The positive images and associations are there, too, and the implanted suggestions are doing their job and are jelling more and more.

I'm glad that I took Friday off from work. I found that my brain didn't know how to respond to many of the stressors or demands for attention that it came across. The automatic responses that did not serve me (Have a smoke, feel better) had been removed, but, especially the evening after our session, the new responses had not yet really begun to evolve. There were (and are) moments where I just don't know how to react or act. It's okay, and I see it for what it is, and I am patient with myself, but it is interesting.

It's an interesting time.   I had forgotten to throw out my ash tray, a lovely china one inherited from my mother, and I tried to frisbee it out into the estuary, but it just crashed into the dock... I throw like a girl. 

Anyway, it's gone now.

                                        Thank you....  I didn't think this was possible...

                                        All the best,
                                        Lorna S                              (smoke-free since February 4, 2010)

Hey Ken, I've been writing to write to you to say that I'm passing my 3rd month of success at not  smoking and to thank you for  your system.  36 years of smoking 2 packs a day done. NO MORE SMOKING and no urge's to start again, Relapse, very improbable. Thanks again.

Larry S
San Ramon, CA.                (smoke-free since October 30, 2009)