Giving Back in 2011
Students & Adults Age 24 and Younger
Stop Smoking for FREE!

Did I say FREE?
I meant mostly FREE.

In 2011 I am donating 10% of my time (every other Wednesday) to help young people in our community who want to free themselves from a toxic and debilitating behavior before major damage is done.

  1. Write me an email explaining why it is so
    important that you become smoke-free

    *note: acceptance is not guaranteed.  factors include availability of space, and
    the readiness level of client
  2. Once accepted, make a donation of any amount to any one of the local charities on this website. 

    *recommended minimum donation
    - One month's worth of cigarette money
    How will you spend the other 11 months of savings?

  3. Select your date & time to become a non-smoker

Why Donate?

I understand that money is tight these days, especially if you're a student.  Even though I will not receive a penny for my time, here is why I ask you to donate:
  1. It helps to ensure the very high success rate our paid clients enjoy.  When people have "skin" in the game, they tend to be more highly motivated.
  2. It helps to ensure that these valuable time slots are not wasted.  Over 30% of clients will miss their appointments if they have nothing at stake.  (I discovered this my first year in business before I began accepting deposits.)
  3. Helping others feels good, and it makes our community a better place.  Your mind can more fully accept this gift for yourself, knowing that your are paying it forward to others.
Why am I Donating?

  • Despite public awareness of the dangers, smoking has risen on college campuses to one in three students.

  • If our initiative can play a role in breaking this dependency, and add quality years to a even few of these lives, then the return on investment will be priceless.

To our first responders
Stop Smoking for Half Price!

All active members of our local Fire & Police departments qualify for this special offer April 1st to June 30th.

In appreciation for your service to our community, your session, regularly priced at $595 will be only $295.  For your special enrollment, call us or schedule your session online by enrolling below.

*Identification will be requested upon arrival to your session.