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Is Prime Potential®for You?
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How do you determine if you might want to do Prime Potential®? The following questions can offer a starting point for reflection.

(Rate yourself on a scale from 0 = no to 4=absolutely yes)

  1. I am my own harshest critic as a way to improve myself
  2. I know I am capable of so much more, but I haven’t been able to realize that potential
  3. I am surprised at how complicated things get, even when I am trying to make them simple
  4. I keep telling myself everything is fine, but deep down I have a sinking feeling
  5. I get excited about new ideas and then lose the energy to follow through on them
  6. At a very deep level I doubt myself and my abilities
  7. Being vigilant is the best way I know to ensure I don’t screw up
  8. If feel like everything and everyone else is controlling my life, and I want to take control back
  9. I believe the kind of change I want is possible
  10. I am willing to do whatever it takes to make change happen
If your total equals 27 or more, a conversation with us might really be worthwhile. Contact us today.

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Is Prime Potential® for You?

Every stage of personal development is important and no one stage more valuable than another. The fact that we also have many approaches to choose from is one of the great benefits of our time.

Our purpose in clarifying who will benefit and enjoy the Prime Potential
process is so there will be a good fit between the client and the process. Because Prime Potential is not counselling or coaching people often are unclear how to view it.

Prime Potential® differs from a traditional counselling or coaching model in that details of the "story" are in the background and discovering the root of the constriction and how it is locked in the system, is foreground. In fact, once engaged in the work, the facilitator will tenaciously keep you on track towards identifying the key constrictions in your system.

This orientation comes from the Neuro-Linguistic programming perspective that the structure, or way something is coded in your system, is more important than the content or details of the experience. This is what allows the process to be very streamlined, with remarkable results attained in four sessions.

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What is Prime Potential®?

Each of us wants to be free to express who we really are: our passion and our creativity. Ultimately most people want their lives to have meaning, beyond even ourselves, making a difference in the world through our children or our work. What gets in our way of living full on? The truth is, we often don’t know - it’s in our blind spot.

Prime Potential
® is a powerful, life-changing process that will assist you in identifying what is in your blind spot and metaphorically "locking up" your system. Its revolutionary technology assists your nervous system to release core constrictions, which are not just in your mind or thinking, although it may feel that way. Every constriction is actually located in your nervous system and when you release these "blocks" at the cellular level, profound changes occur. Whether you feel like your energy, creativity or passion is being crushed, or you feel trapped, lost, or overwhelmed, it's all logged in your nervous system. Clearing these constrictions, so your whole physical and emotional system can run smoothly, is the focus of Prime Potential®.

Addressing deep challenges requires a holistic approach, including body, mind, and spirit. This approach must be more than mere philosophy – it must extend to application and life-long integration.

Our programs radically transform issues such as:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Personal Motivation
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Addictions
  • Spiritual Development
  • Health Crisis
  • Relationship Breakdown
  • Life Purpose Uncertainty

"Since the first session with Ken I have found myself excelling at work, becoming one of the top sales representatives in my company.
(top 5 in the country out of 500)."
Daniel O'Rourke
San Francisco, CA.

Prime Potential®

... is designed to activate life-altering transformation that helps you identify and move beyond core constrictions which negatively affect your current health, well-being and performance. Over the course of a three-month period we facilitate you releasing past and present blocks that have been getting in the way of you living a life of confidence, joy and ease. The outworking, or effect of this kind of deep work is a profound shift in the way in which you are able to approach life, and work through the myriad of issues that daily life presents with ease and grace.

Many of our clients report significant changes which manifest in the following ways:

Increased Performance

Performance can relate to many areas of lives: Physical/athletic performance, artistic performance, our careers, and even our relationships, although we seldom use the word in that context. The bottom line is that when we're able to move through life without the daily struggle of clearing the hurdles and dodging the fear, we simply have that much more energy to invest in areas that enhance our lives. Prime Potential® clients have ranged from professional athletes to men and women in roles of significant leadership and responsibility. Without exception they report an increased ability to perform in ways that bring them greater success than they had previously experienced.

Enhanced Well-being

One of our clients writes, "In just these few short weeks I have made a 180 degree turn, from emptiness and frustration, to fullness, great hope, and expectation." The work of Prime Potential®, releases the fear and core-constrictions in our nervous system, allowing us to fully engage life with confidence, joy, and a sense of being in control again. When we're "clear," the challenges that life presents just don't seem to be as big and insurmountable as they once did.

Improved Health

Because there is a direct connection between our physiology - and, thus, our health - and what's happening for us mentally and emotionally (see Science for a more detailed explanation), it stands that when we clear that same fear and constriction we're talking about, there is the potential for a substantial shift in our health and physical well-being, as well. Among other things, clients report experiencing the disappearance of significant disease states, reduction of blood pressure and heart rate, and weight-loss.

We invite you to take a closer look at this
amazing program.

How does the Prime Potential® Process Work?

Prime Potential is a four-session process and begins with a respectful and simple process of questions covering a broad range of life issues. Clients complete our unique Preparation Guide which allows the Facilitator to understand the 'big picture' before delving into the work. Each client receives a Progress Log which contains information on how the process works, tools to assess progress, and a journal format to chronicle their experience as the move through the work.

With the Facilitator's assistance, clients identify important benchmarks which establish the client's 'starting point.' These benchmarks will later be used in a Before & After Assessment of the process and its impact on the client's life and experience.

Once these benchmarks have been established there is a thorough explanation of how the client has been sabotaging themselves, and what fears are driving the sabotage pattern. It is from this point that the Facilitator and client will work together and identify the specific fears locked in the nervous system, and then clear those fears, releasing the constrictions that have been jamming the system. As explained in our discussion of the
Psychology of our Work, the nervous system is like a personal, internal security system, and the alarm, once triggered, stays on alert watching for anything that may pose a threat. Having been cleared, the system is free to establish a new foundation from which to operate. All of this occurs in the first session.

"After 30 years of personal growth practice, I thought I'd experienced it all. Prime Potential® blew this myth completely out of the water. What a profound, life-altering, confronting, uprooting, belief-busting way to live life! Delightful and wonderful... always revealing and sometimes disturbing... and ongoingly inspiring, invigorating, and revitalizing. Thank you!"
Bill Chalmers,
Vancouver, BC

This process will:

  • reveal, through powerful metaphors, patterns that hinder you from achieving your full potential
  • investigate your unconscious limiting beliefs
  • pinpoint areas of significant pressure or stress to help you see the larger picture
  • expose the underlying causes of your distress and fear
  • explore the coping behaviors you use to relieve symptoms (of distress, fear, etc.)
  • release core constrictions at the neurological and cellular level
When your coping behaviors and their problematic symptoms are uncovered, it becomes clear why you are not moving forward or living a full, satisfying life.

As you progress through each of the four sessions, together we:

  • build on discoveries and release constrictions long-held in your nervous system
  • facilitate your connection to a deep-rooted sense of wholeness, peace and well-being
  • help you to discover how to modify your personal metaphors into positive and supportive images that allow you to maintain the profound systemic alterations you experience in this process.

Significant Outcomes and Benefits our Clients have Experienced:

  • enhanced general health and well-being
  • heightened experience of joy
  • increased "effortless effort"
  • more "best days"
  • unexpected healing of physical ailments
  • minimization or disappearance of food allergies
  • reduction of phobias
  • healthy weight loss
  • improvement in autoimmune functioning

What Makes Prime Potential® Unique?

Prime Potential®, and all of miruspoint’s® processes, are distinguished from other approaches aimed at similar goals, in four distinct ways:

Systemic Impact

The processes affect all systems (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, neurological and cellular) simultaneously in an integrated approach. As a result of this integration our client's experience positive transformation in many areas of their lives, in addition to the initial, localized issue or area of focus. It fundamentally shifts the wiring of your nervous system from fears, limitations or difficulties, to possibilities and potential.

Profound Depth

We help people to identify, locate and release deep core constrictions which are at the root of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs, about yourself and/or the world, are much like severe computer viruses which have generated all the present symptoms in your personal and professional life. Changes made at the core level are deep, lasting and profound.

Revolutionary Change

Recent discoveries in cellular biology show that our cells operate in reaction to a "central message" which we embed very early in our lives – pre-rationally. Do you know what message dictates your cells' responses? Miruspoint’s® respectful and effective processes help you to release constricting messages and sabotaging patterns at the cellular level.

Stunning Speed

Clients report noticeable changes after the first two sessions, scheduled just ten days apart. By rewiring the body's circuitry to follow a new "central message" of their choosing, transformational changes occur rapidly across all systems.

Contact us today, to find out how to experience this kind of
radical transformation in your life.