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You experienced how easy it was to stop smoking...How's the rest of your life working??

A cutting edge facilitator, corporate trainer, and coach,  Ken Guzzo has assisted  organizations and individuals to achieve unattained levels of performance for over 20 years. 

With a direct yet compassionate approach, Ken helps to identify and remove the barriers that block people and organizations from realizing their full potential.  Clients appreciate his strong emphasis on implementation, and the achievement of measurable bottom-line results.

Ken has had the pleasure of working with organizations around the globe, from  the United States and Canada, to Australia and New Zealand. 

Kenneth Guzzo, CHt.


Boost your personal & professional performance. 

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"This was the best retreat I've been to in my 37 years with the company!"
Ron P.
Fletcher Challenge Paper,
New Zealand

"...It made me wonder what else I've missed out on - that I was capable of doing.  You've changed my life in a way I never dreamed possible.  Thank you."
Stephanie B.
California, USA
  Are you make a gigantic leap forward??

We offer a powerful individual 4 session process that will assist you to catapult your performance to never before reached levels, while dramatically increasing your sense of happiness and well-being.

Miruspoint Facilitators Inc.™ contributes to global harmony by helping people, organizations and companies to free themselves through transformational processes, whereby all can reach their full potential.   [Learn More...]

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"...Since the first session I have found myself excelling at work, becoming one of the top sales representatives in my company (top 5 in the country out of 500)...."
Daniel O.
California, USA.
"...I am in the zone on most days.  I my life feels effortless, and I feel so much more connect to others...My relationship, and my career have transformed!  This is the real me; no more struggle" 
Eric H.
California, USA.

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