Our Cancellation Policy
We at the Bay Area Non-Smoking Center strive to maximize the number people we are able to help every week.  We hold that every life is precious starting with yours.

We appreciate the support of our clients to our mission by keeping their agreements and arriving to their scheduled sessions on time and prepared.  Last minute cancellations, and irresponsible no-shows cost our center financially, and squander valuable sessions that may have helped others.

Our Cancellation Policy: Deposits are fully refundable when cancelled within 24 hours of booking or when cancelled with 5 (five) or more business days notice from scheduled session date.

Deposits of missed sessions, or sessions cancelled with less than 3 (three) business days notice will not be refunded.  Bay Area Non-Smoking Center will allow missed or cancelled sessions to be rescheduled applying the original deposit once, at no cost to the client.  If a client also misses the rescheduled session, the deposit is forfeited.

Clients who no-show free back-up or follow-up sessions, or who reschedule with less then 24 hours notice will be charged a nominal $100 cancellation fee - to be collected prior re-booking.

(If a client feels that it is in any way an unfair or unreasonable expectation on our part that a client keep the agreed appointment that was reserved exclusively for the client, at the request of the client, he or she may contact me directly.  I am always open to discuss. 
Ken Guzzo, Founder Direct line: 510.759.6407)