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           4/13/2011 on 


Ken is the man! I have been a smoker for 20 plus years. I walked out of Ken's office and have been smoke free for 3 plus months now.

amazing thing is I don't have any cravings. If you really want to quit and need help, his program will work. Thanks Ken!

Chef Todd N.

Owner of Bistro Liaison
Berkeley, CA.

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6/28/2013 on


After 30 years of smoking, my boyfriend wanted to quit.  He came across Ken's non-smoking center on the internet and proposed that we try this together,  I agreed.

I am pleased to say that we left our cigarettes on the counter over a year ago and haven't looked back.  

We are now both non-smokers, no longer smell like an ashtray and are pleased at the money that we now spend on other things.  {  I spend.. he saves... :) }

2 happy customers.  You can be one too!  Go for it!

Mary B.
Newark, CA.
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"Hypnosis is a naturally occurring calm and peaceful state of being, where one has an open flow of communication to and from the greatest part of self and ability"

Ken Guzzo, CHt. 2010

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My private one session stop smoking session is the most effective ever developed and has triple the success rate of expensive patches, pills and gums.

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I combine the most advanced hypnosis techniques with our new ground breaking neurological process to clear the cravings from the mind, where habits and cravings are stored, and from the nervous system, where the physical urges live.

My Stop Smoking process is completely natural with no drugs, no cravings, no withdrawal and is

Guaranteed for Life!

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Bay Area Non-Smoking Center has been one of the best discoveries of my life. 

I went to Ken in January 2011 to quit smoking.  After one visit I was and remain a non-smoker. 

It's almost 2 1/2 years and I am still a non-smoker.  It is like I never smoked and I was a smoker for over 40 years.  This works. I am living proof.  

When I decided to be proactive about my health and wanted to loose weight, getting help from Ken at  Bay Area Non-smoking Center was a no-brainer.  I signed up for the program and am having great success. I am effortlessly exercising and eating better.  I feel great. 

Ken is fantastic.  His soothing voice and methods are relaxing and he is able to tap into your inner self and help pull out the better you.  He is helping me discover the better me and I am so grateful for him and the Center.  Try it.  It really does work!

Pamela J.
Hayward, CA. 
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Ken Guzzo, CHt. speaks with Dr. Michael LeNoir about advances in smoking cessation on his radio show "About Health" on KPFA
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                         4/10/2011 on 


On December 7, 2009 after 30 years of smoking and being a slave to cigarettes, I quit in one day. In little over an hour with NO cravings, NO withdrawal symptoms and NO desire to ever do it again.

I owe Ken Guzzo and the Bay Area Non Smoking Center a debt of gratitude forever for making this the easiest and smartest thing I ever did.
Thank you!

Wayne Coy

Morning Host
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                      5/14/2011 on


I was a smoker for close to 50 years of my life. I found that quitting smoking using Ken's techniques was the easiest, most effective method around.

I have tried them all, acupuncture, gum, patches, other types of hypnosis, "cold turkey... seriously injured and/or maimed family!", Zyban, Wellbutrin, Chantix over the years.

I AM a non-smoker because of Ken and no other reason.

Susan M.
Folsom, CA

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