Taking Hypnosis out of the office and into the streets!
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North American
Academy of Hypnosis

Learn to Hypnotize!

Help yourself and others.

In 4 fun and intensive days, I will teach you how to hypnotize anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

You will learn gentle, therapeutic techniques to help others overcome obstacles in their lives, and Lightning Inductions to instantly create deep trace.

Tap into your deeper consciousness. 

Connect with your Higher Self.

Let go of that which holds you back.

Earn hundreds of dollars per hour - part-time or full-time.

Become a Certified Hypnotist!

Your Instructor
Ken Guzzo, CHI.

Ken is a member of the Board of Advisors to the International Hypnosis Federation, and the founder of the North American Academy of Hypnosis He has helped over 4,000 people stop smoking through his Bay Area Non Smoking Center.

"Playing with Lightning Inductions on the street is fun, and my motto is, never waste a hypnotic trance. So I leave every volunteer with a positive suggestion to help them in a way that they wish to move forward in their lives."

Learn hypnosis with me!  it is fun, and easy to learn!!!  Looking for a new career? Take my smoking cessation course!  I give you everything to achieve the same results I have.  It's a business in a box...because you deserve to THRIVE!

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San Francisco, CA.
Los Angeles, CA.
Sacramento, CA.
Los Vegas, NV
Vancouver, BC
Toronto, ON


See you in Las Vegas!!
Hypnothoughts Live
August, 2017

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North American
Academy of Hypnosis
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Scott Sandland - Richard Clark - Donna Carter - Ken Guzzo

Watch this Medley of San Francisco / Las Vegas / & Hollywood! - June 26, 2015

Can Ken Guzzo Hypnotize an ELEPHANT?!? Watch and see! - August 4, 2016

Ken Hypnotizes Ashley on a Friday Afternoon! - December 12, 2015


Thank you so much for this life changing experience. 

Being put into hypnosis again and again by you more and more deeply really allowed me to fully relax and let go on a whole different level. I broke down some old patterns of feeling on guard and unsafe. 

You were a really great listener and intuitively knew where and how to help us as students and recipients of hypnosis. 

You did a fabulous job and I look forward to any future training with you.


Check out the Characters we met in Hollywood, CA! May 2, 2015

I’m “replying to all”  because I think everyone in our class will agree that you are a true talent.  Your positive energy is up lifting and rejuvenates the soul.

I haven’t been this “charged up” in years…and it feels good… to feel this good.  Your class held my attention, re charged my batteries, and wiped away the cobwebs. 

Thank you for giving us purpose, and the resolve to go onto the top of the mountain.  The view, and I think everyone will agree, is nothing but great up here.  Hope to see you soon.


Watch me having a blast with the never before hypnotized on Las Vegas Blvd! April 19, 2015


"Now I can add to my other accomplishments certified Master Hypnotist. I just completed an amazing four-day hypnosis workshop with Ken Guzzo CHt and several other deep and wonderful new and old friends here in Los Angeles.

I would put this experience in one of those categories of life-changing for me. I had so many ha ha moments and so many awareness of who I am and who I want to be. A darkness lifted that was such a part of me I didn't even know it was there until it was gone. I found a deeper love and understanding for myself. I cried, I laughed we all co-created together and magic happened.

I've taken a lot of training classes in my life and I must say Ken has a way of teaching and helping us understand and learn on a much deeper level. This was far more than just a hypnosis class for me it gave me a new outlook on life and myself as well as some incredible tools to help with my clients and for myself. I started using my new tools on the first day for helping people change their life."

Watch students having a blast in class becoming Certified Hypnotists in this video montage!


Holy Smokes! I Just sang acapella in front of 200 people and rocked it! Hypnosis really does work. Thank you Ken Guzzo!

I was hypnotized around performing during my training with
Ken Guzzo CHt and there was a bunch of affirmations. Mostly around being able to give and receive back from audiences, etc. M
oments before I went on, I noticed my body start to shake just a little.. and I told my self I was calm and safe and this is natural for me.. etc. All of it was very helpful and I rocked it. I definitely feel more at ease with audiences now. I am curious to see if it translates on a comedy stage too.

Thanks Ken Guzzo CHt for the HYPNOSIS training! Wonderful, intense, awesome! It's official I can add CH to my initials.

Clients and friends contact me if you'd like to release blocks, fears, negative patterns. I am now incorporating Hypnosis into my Health, Wellness, Massage & Reiki practice.


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 3) Use your credit card because you want the POINTS.  510.759.6407

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Hypnotist Certification Class

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Please call me with any questions.
My direct line is 510-759-6407 or main reception 1.800.635.8150 or Worshops@KenGuzzo.com

Join me in Toronto ON, Canada March 10-13 and become a Certified Hypnotist! Watch This!

Posted by Ken Guzzo CHt on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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